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Muhammad Hafez Al-Sharida

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1953
  • Age: 69
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Muhammad Hafez Saleh Al-Sharida (born December 25, 1953 in Tubas) is a Palestinian Islamic mufti and preacher, an academic at An-Najah National University, and a presenter of Islamic television programs. He is a member of the Scientific Research Committee at An-Najah National University.


his life

Muhammad Hafez Salih Sherida was born on December 25, 1953 in Tubas. He completed his secondary education from the Nablus Sharia Secondary School in 1972, and later obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sharia from the University of Jordan in 1976. He also obtained a master’s degree in belief, doctrines and religions from King Abdulaziz University in 1980, and a doctorate in Islamic belief from Umm Al-Qura University 1983.


He also obtained a recitation license from the Center for Teaching and Reciting the Noble Qur’an in Al-Amaari camp near Ramallah, and a license as Sharia lawyer from the Department of the Chief Justice in Jordan in 1991.


Sherida worked in various places, most notably as a preacher and orator in the Nablus governorate during the Jordanian administration of the West Bank, and as a teacher at Jenin Sharia Secondary School. He has been working at An-Najah National University since 1983, during which time he was assigned as Head of the Book and Sunnah Department between 1995 and 1997, Head of the Fundamentals of Religion Department between 2004 and 2006, Head of the Tubas Governorate Zakat Committee, Head of the Palestinian Orphan Foundation in the northern West Bank, and Head of the Administrative Board of the Friends Association. An-Najah National University. In 2020 he was retired.


He also worked as a part-time lecturer at Hebron University, the Islamic University in Gaza, the College of Da`wah and Fundamentals of Religion in Umm al-Fahm, and Al-Quds Open University.


Sherida participated in the arbitration of the master's program in Sharia at Al-Quds University, and he also participated in the committees for preparing the Islamic Education Book at the Palestinian Curriculum Center. He received the Jerusalem Prize from the Jerusalem Association for Palestinian Studies.


A weekly religious program is presented on An-Najah TV, affiliated to An-Najah National University. He won the award for the best religious program in the Palestinian media from the Cairo World Cup 2015.


His writings

Al-Sharida published a number of research papers and books he authored, most notably:


Early childhood care in the light of the Islamic curriculum.

True supplications and remembrances of the Prophet

clear doctrine

Simplifying the provisions of intonation

Patient provisions

Fasting fatwas

Zakat fatwas

Fasting message

Polite commanding followers and forbidding creativity

sit-book butter

The origins of belief in the distorted Torah

Ibrahimi Al-Sharif Mosque

The role of universities in addressing the cultural invasion

Islamic Jerusalem

Medical miracles in the Holy Quran

The effect of faith in treating people with cancer

A collection of poems for a Muslim girl

Lectured the Muslim world

Abid's guidance to the provisions of mosques

Prayers and remembrances for our young loved ones

Butter book commanding followers and forbidding creativity

Samaritan sect

An introduction to the study of the Islamic faith (principles and effects)

Dictionary of supplications and correct supplications

Treatment of magic, madness and envy from the Book and the Sunnah

Summary of the Islamic faith

Ithaf neighborhoods butter revival

Is it permissible for a menstruating woman to read the Qur’an?

Ithaf Ghuraba Islam butter sit-down book

Polite Al-Wabel Al-Saib of good words

The impressive evidence of the prohibition of combining the two prayers due to the present circumstances




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