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Fatima Al-Yashreetah

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1890
  • Age: 133
  • Curriculum vitae :


Fatima Al-Yashritiyah ( 1890 AD - 1979 AD ) was a Palestinian woman , born in Acre . She is considered a pioneer in the science of Sufism and the Islamic religion. Her father is Sheikh Ali Nur al-Din al-Shazli al-Yashrti, the sheikh of the Shazliyya al-Yashrtiyya order. Her home was a meeting place for people of knowledge, thought, knowledge, Sufism and literature. Her father used to hold study and study circles in the councils of scholars and jurisprudence. Since the age of four, her father directed her to sit with scholars and attend councils of science and mysticism. 


Her father died when she was young, so she received knowledge and language at the hands of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jazzar, the Mufti of Akka. And her name became known as the owner of faith, knowledge, mysticism and good opinion. Fatima persevered in setting up councils of science, mysticism and literature, which were attended by many writers, scholars and mystics of the Arab world. I traveled to Beirut , Damascus and Cairo to meet the people of knowledge and mysticism there. Fatima has three important books on religious sciences and Sufism, and an autobiography in which she states that she admired the voice of Umm Kulthum , Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab , and the plays of Naguib al -Rayhani, and was keen to watch their concerts during her visit to Cairo. And she did not see that as a contradiction to her religiosity, as she believed that if a person does what he owes towards his Lord, there is no harm in taking care of himself and entertaining him, for religion is ease, not hardship.

Educational career

Fatima did not attend school, but since she was four years old, she dreamed of entering the “corner”, which was a meeting place for the great scholars, jurisprudence and Sufism , where they exchanged religious opinions and discussed spirituality . 

Relations with society

Fatima reached the age of eight , but she did not mix with children, but mixed with scholars who excelled in jurisprudence and knew Sufism . 

Writers' sayings about her

The literary Asma Toubi says : “In the age of veiling, she did not veil except outside the house, but inside her council was always crowded with great scholars and writers, such as: Abbas Effendi Al-Baha’i , Sheikh Asaad Al -Shugairi , Dr. The renewed Sufi jurist, writer , poet and thinker, as well as Professor Nasuhi al-Jababri, one of the notable scholars of Ashraf in Aleppo, and the poet Hassan al-Hakim and others. 

Writer Mary Ajami says : “Despite the descent of literature from the same honorable friend, his high status feels that she is still higher than those who brag about their literature, and he is the one who committed himself not to be guided to them or to be guided to him, even if she wanted to write something or improvise a sermon in her sleep I would have mastered writing and rhetoric above the proficiency of others, with the utmost grace, and after reviewing dozens of times. 

Her charitable work

Fatima's good deeds included many things in different fields, such as: education in its various stages, helping the poor , spending on needy families, and healing the sick . 

Her writings

She has several books, including: 

  • Journey to the Right, printed in 1954 in Beirut.
  • Nafahat Al-Haq. Beirut 1962.
  • Right talents. Beirut 1965




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