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Mari Al-Karmi

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Mari bin Yusuf bin Abi Bakr bin Ahmad bin Abi Bakr bin Yusuf bin Ahmad al-Karmi (988 AH - 1033 AH / 1580 CE - 1624 CE), a Muslim scholar, imam and jurist. He is considered one of the great Hanbali imams. He was born in the Palestinian city of Tulkarm. He is a researcher in literature and history, and is fluent in poetry, prose, and language. He has dozens of books.

His upbringing and life
Sheikh Mari Al-Karmi was born in the city of Tulkarem in Palestine, in Rabi` Al-Awwal in the year 988 AH, corresponding to 1580 AD, and his title was “Zain Al-Din Mari Al-Karmi.”Al-Karmi grew up in his city, Tulkarm, and received his knowledge in his city from a large number of scholars and sheikhs. Then he moved to Egypt, where the Al-Azhar Mosque is located, and he lived in Egypt and remained there until his death. In Al-Azhar, he completed his studies and learned from a number of scholars and sheikhs.

Teach him
Al-Karmi learned from: Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Mirdawi al-Qahri, the modern interpreter Muhammad ibn Hijazi ibn Muhammad ibn Abdullah al-Akrawi al-Shafi’i al-Qalqashandi known as Muhammad Hijazi, and the brilliant imam Yahya ibn Musa ibn Ahmad ibn Musa ibn Salim ibn Issa al-Hijjawi al-Maqdisi al-Dimashqi al-Salhi al-Qahri, and Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ali al-Ghunaimi al-Ansari al-Masri al-Hanafi al-Khazraji Shihab al-Din. As for his students: Muhammad ibn Musa ibn Muhammad al-Jamazi al-Husayni al-Maliki, and Abd al-Baqi ibn Abd al-Baqi ibn Abd al-Qadir ibn Ibrahim ibn Umar ibn Muhammad al-Baali al-Hanbali al-Azhari al-Dimashqi, known as Ibn Faqih Fissah, and his nephew Ahmad ibn Yahya ibn Yusuf ibn Abi Bakr ibn Ahmad ibn Abi Bakr Bin Youssef Bin Ahmed Al-Karmi.

His writings
He has dozens of books, and more than seventy works.

The provisions of the foundation in the Almighty's saying that the first house was laid for people.
Guidance of those with knowledge of the increase and decrease of age.
The sayings of the trustworthy in the interpretation of the names, attributes, and the decisive and allegorical verses.
Wonderful creation and qualities in correspondence and correspondence.
The joy of those who look at the verses of the inferred.
Achieving proof regarding the smoke that people drink now.
Achieving the dispute in the owners of norms.
Achieving proof in proving the truth of the balance.
Achieving the preponderance in fasting the day of doubt in Ramadan.
Paying suspicion and deceit from those who invoke sin as much.
The student's guide to obtaining the demands: Hanbali jurisprudence.
The honorable testimony in the imams' praise of Ibn Taymiyyah.
The ultimate goal is to combine persuasion and ultimate.
The benefits laid down in the placed conversations.
Coral necklaces in the statement of the transcriber and the abrogated of the Qur’an.
Al-Kawakeb Al-Duriyah in the merits of the hardworking Ibn Taymiyyah.
The Muta word in the statement of the middle prayer.
Casting gold in the virtue of the Arabs and the honor of science in the honor of lineage.

Achievements and Awards

The unity of those with understanding in the saying of the Most High, God erases whatever He wills and affirms, and with Him is the Mother of the Book.
Sincerity of Wydad in the sincerity of the appointment.
Evidence faithful to correct the saying of the jurists and Sufis.
Guiding people with understanding of the descent of Jesus, peace be upon him.
Guidance for those who intended there is no god but God alone.
Ghost spirits speak to spirits.
The flowers of the wilderness in the verse of the palace of prayer.
Questions in problem matters.
Stop those who know the rule of the endowments of the sultans.
Evidence in the interpretation of the Koran.
Good tidings of benevolence to those who fulfill the needs of the Brotherhood.
Good news for those who see, enjoin good and forbid evil.
Improving the ways and faces in his saying, peace be upon him, seek goodness with good faces.
Investigating suspicions about the news of the plague.
Investigation of the article Is the best in the right of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, guardianship, prophecy, or message?
Soothing the longings with the news of the lovers.
Exciting people to perform the pilgrimage to the Sacred House of God. I have a manuscript copy of it.
Summarizing the descriptions of the Mustafa and mentioning the caliphs after him.
Alert the skilled on other than what is initiated from the hadiths contained in the attributes.
Enlightening the insights of the imitators in the virtues of the hardworking imams.
Refining speech in the rule of the land of Egypt and the Levant.
Explanation of the proof in the difference between Islam and faith.
The arrest of the two parties on the immortality of the people of Darien.
Collector supplication Words saints and monologues of the pure.
Clear arguments in invalidating the oath with evidence.
Royal governance and Al-Azhar speech.
Referees guide to access to Dar es Salaam.
Students' guide to the words of grammarians.
message in hearing.
A message about what happened in the words of the Sufis of delusional words of atonement.
Lifting the dressing of those who stopped disbelieving in Satan.
Tame the knowers and entertain those who want.
Al-Rawd Al-Nadhar to speak on vegetables.
Gardens of flowers in the rule of hearing, strings, singing and poetry.
Al-Sarraj Al-Munir in the use of gold and silk.
Sloane injured band loved ones.
The behavior of the method in combining the words of the people of Sharia and the truth.
Healing breasts in visiting scenes and graves.
Food for souls in conversation and banter.
Fath al-Manan in the interpretation of the verse of gratitude.
The pioneers of thought in the expected Imam Mahdi.
The mouth of the agent in the words of Sufyan is one of the trash words in atonement.
The apple of the eye of the friendly with the knowledge of the limited and extended.
Al-Aqian necklaces in the virtues of the Othman family.
Al-Aqian necklaces in the Almighty’s saying: “God enjoins justice and benevolence.”
The wonderful saying in the science of the beautiful.
Well-known saying in the virtues of well-known.
The clear words in His saying, the Most High, and give glad tidings to those who believe and do righteous deeds.
Kinds of knowledge.
What doctors and advocates do to pay the evil of the plague.
Sawakin drive love to the pilgrimage to the Sacred House of God.
Abbreviation in morphology.
Mirror of thought in the expected Mahdi.
Nice issues in the annulment of Hajj and Umrah honorable.
Delight and glad tidings in the virtue of the Sultanate and the ministry.
Introduction to the science of impositions.
The wish of the lovers and the sake of the lovers.
Thinker's Walk.
A walk on the lookouts in the history of the ruler of Egypt from the caliphs and sultans.
Excursion beholders in the virtues of the invaders and Mujahideen.
The picnic of the souls of the good people and the dawn of the lights.
The strange rarity and the surprising fact.
collection of poems.
Scholars praise him
Muhammad Amin Al-Muhbi said: “One of the greatest Hanbali scholars in Egypt, he was an imam of Hadith, a jurist, with a wide knowledge of the sayings of jurisprudence and the subtleties of hadith, and a complete knowledge of the circulating sciences.”
Muhammad Jamil Al-Shatti said: “The Sheikh of Islam, the one of the most prominent scholars, is unique in his time and time, and the only one in his era and time, the author of numerous authors and useful editing, the scholar of investigation and understanding with scrutiny.
Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazi said: “The sheikh of the sheikhs of Islam, the one of the most distinguished scholars of investigation, the one of his time and time, the only one of his time and time, the one of his era and time, the owner of numerous authors, unique benefits and useful edits. Take precedence in all knowledge. Oh, the imam of Hammam, who possessed all knowledge.
Ibn Hamid said: “The scholar, the scholar, the scholar, the scholar, the understanding, the proofreader, the investigator, the interpreter, the hadeeth, the jurist, the fundamentalist, the grammarian, and one of the greatest Hanbali scholars in Egypt.”
Othman Al-Najdi said: “He had the upper hand in knowing jurisprudence and other things.”
Ibn Badran said: “One of the greatest scholars of this school of thought in Egypt.”
Omar Reda Kahaleh said: “A scholar of jurisprudence, a writer, historian, and one of the greatest Hanbali scholars.”
Khair al-Din al-Zarkali said: “A writer historian, one of the great jurists.”
Bakr Abu Zayd said: “The scholar is the jurist.”
his death
More than one translator of Mari al-Karmi agreed that his death was in Egypt in the month of Rabi` al-Awwal in the year 1033 AH, corresponding to 1624 CE.


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