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As'ad Qadura

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1880
  • Age: 143
  • Curriculum vitae :


As'ad Qadura was the Mufti of Safad and the Sharia Judge in Northern Palestine. He was born in the city of Safad in 1880 and received his early education in Damascus. He then moved to Al-Azhar, where he continued his religious studies and was a student of Sheikh Muhammad Abdu during his final days. Upon completing his studies, he returned to his hometown and established a national school at Al-Ahmar Mosque, where he focused on teaching the Arabic language.
During the Ottoman era, As'ad Qadura held various positions in the judiciary and was later appointed as the Mufti of Safad during World War I. During the British Mandate period, he actively participated in the national movement, particularly in the 1930s. The Supreme Islamic Council appointed him as a Sharia Judge in Nazareth, Acre, and Safad.
He resisted land sales to Zionists and was one of the signatories of the fatwa issued on January 26, 1935, by the Conference of Palestinian Scholars held in Jerusalem regarding the sale of land to Zionists. The fatwa stated that anyone who sold land to Jews in Palestine, whether directly or through intermediaries, brokers, or facilitators, should not be prayed for, should not be buried in Muslim cemeteries, and should be boycotted and shunned.
As'ad Qadura participated in several conferences, including the Seventh Palestinian Arab Conference in 1928 and the Conference of Palestinian Scholars. After the Nakba (the Palestinian exodus of 1948), he migrated to Damascus and passed away there in 1959, where he was buried.



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