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Bakr Al Tamimi

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Sheikh Bakr Al-Tamimi was born in Nablus and died there. He was one of the most prominent jurists in the city, which was known for its many scholars at the beginning of this century. He was also a teacher in the Grand Salahi Mosque and had a room there, which indicates his status among scholars. Muhammad Azza Darwaza described him: “There were a number of sheikhs in Tamimi’s house, including Sheikh Bakr, who was a teacher in the Grand Mosque and had a room in it.

He was a noble and prophetic scholar, and he wrote a book called (The Polished Sword) in which the Christians spoke seriously. He studied science outside Nablus, and in my mind, he studied On the scholars of Damascus and Sheikh Fouad, his son, and his father Al-Azhar sent him. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Bistami, in an article entitled: The family of the righteous Al-Tamimi family - from the depths of the fragrant Sunnah of the Prophet - the descendants of the great companion Tamim Al-Dari in Palestine.



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