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Muhammad Suleiman Al-Ashqar

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  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1935
  • Age: 87
  • Curriculum vitae :


Muhammad bin Suleiman bin Abdullah bin Muhammad “Al-Ashqar” bin Suleiman Daghlas (September 16, 1930 - November 16, 2008). Jordanian author, Islamic scholar and jurist of Palestinian origin.

His upbringing and his quest for knowledge

He was born in Burqa, Nablus, Palestine, on September 16, 1930 AD, and was raised by his father, who was illiterate. However, he loved the people of knowledge and faith and honor them. He read the Qur’an without a teacher, and joined the primary school in his village, graduating in 1944. Then he enrolled in secondary education at the Salih School in Nablus, where he stayed for four years. Then he went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and worked as a primary school teacher in the Al-Faisaliah School in the city of Buraidah in the year 1369 AH and worked in trade in Riyadh in the year 1370 AH. In the year 1372 AH, he was assigned the secretariat of the Dar al-Ifta library in the Dakhna area (behind the Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al Sheikh Mosque). Nevertheless, he continued studying at the Institute, and then at the Sharia College in Riyadh, until he graduated from it in the year 1376 AH in the first batch of its graduates. He learned in it from his sheikhs, so he took the interpretation and the principles of jurisprudence from Sheikh Muhammad al-Amin al-Shanqiti, jurisprudence and doctrine on Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, and the statutes on Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Rashid, and the hadith on Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Afriqi, and grammar on Sheikh Abdul Latif Sarhan and Sheikh Yusuf Al-Dabaa and others.

His work in teaching

He worked as a teacher at the Shaqra Scientific Institute, and was entrusted with its management in 1377 AH, after which he was transferred to teach at the Sharia College in Riyadh in 1378 AH, and he was the first of its graduates to teach there. And it continued until 1383 AH. Then he joined the teaching at the Islamic University of Madinah, where he stayed for two years and then moved to Kuwait.

Moving to Kuwait

In Kuwait, he was entrusted with the Secretariat of the Library of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs for twelve years from the year (1385-1397 AH), during which time he obtained a master’s and doctorate degrees from the Faculty of Sharia at Al-Azhar University. His doctoral dissertation was entitled: “The Actions of the Messenger  and Their Evidence for Sharia Laws.” It is with regard to the science of jurisprudence with the actual Sunan. It was under the supervision of Sheikh Abdul Ghani Abdul Khaliq. And when the Ministry of Awqaf in Kuwait resumed the project of the Al-Faqih Encyclopedia, he was transferred to work with its workers, and he participated in the Sharia Fatwa Committee in Kuwait as a member of its members from 1969 AD until the events of the Gulf occurred in 1990 AD.

return to his homeland

Then he returned to his homeland, Jordan, and lived in the Jandaweel area of Amman, where he devoted himself to research and writing. Meanwhile, he participated in some conferences and seminars on the jurist of the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences in Kuwait. And the Islamic Fiqh Academy in Jeddah, and others.

His writings

Books and letters

The actions of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, and their significance in the legal evidence, Ph.D. Fourth edition. Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library.

The clear in the principles of jurisprudence for beginners. Sixth edition (300 p.). Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library.

Butter of interpretation from Fath al-Qadeer (which is the abbreviation of al-Shawkani’s interpretation). Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library.

Aromas whiff of butter interpretation. Riyadh, Dar al-Salaam Library, 1417 AH (1521 AD).

Fatwa and Fatwa Curricula. i 3. Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library, 1413 AH.

Alphabetical indexing and lexical arrangement. Kuwait, House of Scientific Research, 1391 AH. (128 p.).

Al-Mughni Index of Hanbali Jurisprudence by Ibn Qudamah. Kuwait, House of Scientific Research, 1391 AH. (108 p.).

Index of the beginning and the end, and the end of the beginning, by Ibn Kathir. Kuwait, Dar Al-Arqam, 1404 A.H. (428 A.D.).

How to enter Islam (brief for preachers). Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library, 1413 AH (58 AM).

Dictionary of Arabic Language Sciences. Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library.

Al-Mughni's Dictionary of Ibn Qudamah, in association with others. Kuwait, Ministry of Awqaf.

Al-Majalla in Hanbali Fiqh: Damascus, Dar Al-Qalam Library, 1419 AH, two volumes (584 + 607 p.).

Jurisprudential research on contemporary zakat issues (with others) by the author, including:

Accounting assets for the calendar in the zakat funds.

Provisions of haram money, and the ruling out Zakat.

Obligation to pay zakat on the outward and inward from the money, and the contents of each of them in the modern era. Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library, 1418 A.H. (170 A.M.).

Jurisprudential research in contemporary economic issues (with others) by the author:

Life insurance and reinsurance.

instead of vacancy.

Murabaha sale as the experience of Islamic banks.

The foundations and rules that govern the trading system in Islam.

Convention MLM on Debt.

Hold the peace.

Istisna contract.

Borrowing etiquette.

Money and currency fluctuations.

Maintenance of leased objects, and the dependence of that on the lessor and the lessee. Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library, 1418 AH (324 AM).

Jurisprudence research in medical jurisprudence. Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library.

Jurisprudence of work for the hereafter and the reward of deeds and their balance in the Book and the Sunnah.

Neil al-Maarib Explanation of the Student’s Guide to Jurisprudence, by Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Taghlabi al-Shaybani al-Hanbali. i 2. Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library, 1419 AH. Two volumes (480 + 520 p.).

A footnote to Sheikh Abdul Ghani Al-Labadi on the pursuit of goals. Beirut, Dar Al-Bashaer, 1419 A.H. (520 A.M.).

Two Messages about the Companions of Al-Hafiz Al-Ala’i

Summing up the injury in the sayings of the Companions to Al-Ala’i, (fundamental research), Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library.

An honorable rank for one who is proven to be an honorable companion, by Al-Ala’i, (fundamental research). Beirut, Al-Resala Foundation, 1411 A.H. (135 p.). Amman - Dar Al-Nafais Library.

A total of transfers and replacement with endowments, by Ibn Qadi al-Jabal al-Hanbali and others. Beirut - Dar Al-Resala 1411 AH.

Multiple jurisprudential research appeared in the encyclopedia of jurisprudence, including: Photography. Call. Mention. money House. Mus'haf. beard. parchment The land of Hawza.

Al-Mustafa from the science of assets, by Al-Ghazali. Beirut, Foundation of the Message, 1417 AH, two volumes (440 + 541 p.).

his death

He died on Sunday, 27 Dhul-Qa'dah 1430 AH corresponding to November 16, 2009 AD, due to the deterioration of his health condition after he was transferred to the hospital.


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