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Raafat Ali

Raafat Ali

Sector : Sports, Athletes

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1975
  • Age: 48
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Raafat Ali (born May 20, 1975) is a former Jordanian football player of Palestinian origin who plays for the Jordanian club Al Wehdat. He occupies the center of midfield and the games industry. He is an international player who has previously represented the Jordanian national team on more than one occasion, where he succeeded in leading his country to win the gold medal. Arab Sports in Beirut in 1997, as well as winning the gold medal in the Arab Sports Tournament in Amman in 1999. He also achieved multiple achievements with his team Al-Wehdat at the local, Arab and Asian levels, most notably winning the Jordanian League, the Jordan Cup, the Cup Winners’ Cup and the Jordan Football Association Shield on more than one occasion.

his life
Raafat Ali is considered the first star among the fans of Al-Wehdat Club, and they often single him out for cheering during matches. With the passage of time, he became one of the most important Jordanian football players and one of the most important players who contributed to Al-Wehdat football team winning titles.

In June 2011, Raafat Ali signed a contract with the Kuwait club for one season, for $160,000, but things did not go well between the player and the club, which led to the termination of the contract in December 2011, after which he signed a new contract with his parent club Al-Wehdat in January 2012.

The player announced his retirement from international football on February 18, 2010, via the Sada Al-Mulaeb program. He emphasized that his decision is final and irreversible.

He finally retired from playing with Al-Wehdat club after leading him in the last season 2013-2014 to win more than one championship, and the Al-Wehdatiya and Jordanian fans bid him farewell with a legendary retirement ceremony that is the largest in Jordan’s history. Al-Wehdat and Al-Ramtha clubs gathered, and football stars in Al-Wehdat and Jordanian clubs and Raafat’s former colleagues, such as Jihad and Hisham Abd, participated in it. Monem, Khaled Saad, Ghanem Hamarsheh and many others.



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