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Yahya Hajeer

Yahya Hajeer

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The Muay Thai player, the Palestinian champion, Yahya Hajeer, son of Ain Al-Hilweh camp, won second place in the "Arab Elite" championship that was held in the United Arab Emirates. , to get a well-deserved second place.

Yahya Hajeer (20 years old) started his professional career five years ago, specifically in 2018, in Ain El-Hilweh camp and trained at Mabrouki Team Club, and his first match was after only six months of training, and he won the first local championship in which he participated, which prompted him to continue and become professional. .

After that, he won the Palestine Championship twice in a row in different weights, not to mention the championships that he won inside the camp with merit and competence.

In his interview with Al-Awda News Network, the Palestinian hero, Yahya Hujeir, said, "My dream has no specific limit. I dream and aspire to be a global professional, and I dream to raise the flag of my country, Palestine, in international forums, so that I support my cause and be proud of my people and my cause."

He also added, "I went through several crises, and I was about to stop this game, but determination and persistence made me rise again, and my coach was the only supporter of continuing."

It is worth noting that the Palestinian hero, Yahya Hujeir, obtained an excellent average in the high school exams, and then decided to enroll in Siblin College.

During his interview with Al-Awda News Network, he stated, "The reality of Palestinian youth did not allow them to continue in this game if there was no real financial support, or at least a financial return that meets the necessities of life, because the Palestinian refugee lives a difficult life in Palestinian camps and gatherings, scarcity of work and widespread unemployment." ".

Before the Arab Championship, he participated in the Jounieh Championship, and after three consecutive victories, Yahya won first place and won the championship gold. Then he participated in a tournament in the city of Tire and won the first place with a knockout during his confrontation with a professional Lebanese player, which made the Palestinian Muay Thai Federation pay attention to the player and involve him in foreign tournaments, as he participated last year in the World Championship that was held in the UAE, but he was unsuccessful, which made him prepare well For the Arab Elite Championship that was held this year, in which he won second place despite the participation of Arab professionals with capabilities and financial support, in contrast to the scarcity and scarcity of support and capabilities faced by Hajir.

Despite the lack of capabilities and the difficult economic conditions that the Palestinian refugee lives in, he overcomes the circumstances with his will and determination. He who wants to achieve his dream and goal does not look back, does not relent or give up, as is the case of the steadfast, resistant and creative Palestinian people.


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