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Khadija Al Hadra

Khadija Al Hadra

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She carried her dream with her since childhood, and her name emerged as she had planned since her childhood. She had a love for basketball since she was nine years old. Khadija Al-Hadra is a Jerusalemite girl whose name shone in the West Asian Basketball Championship recently.

The Jerusalemite girl, Khadija Al-Hadra (16 years old), from the town of Al-Tur in occupied Jerusalem, won the best shooting player award in the recent West Asian women’s basketball championship.

Al-Hadra says in an interview with “Balgraph” website: “Since I was nine years old, my father, may God have mercy on him, supported me and supported me to develop my dream and my talent. And my ambition increased to continue with what I started.”

And she continues: “The academy coach, Khaled Barakat, witnessed my passion, desire, and skills, and he trained and strengthened me in order to develop my skills and myself. This award.”

Al-Hadra adds that training the Palestinian national team with the president of the federation for them was one of the reasons that contributed to her ability to skip this competition and succeed in it with very high skills.

And about the ball that was the reason for her victory, Al-Hadra says: “My friends in the national team, at some point in the stadium, trusted in my abilities and handed me the ball, and they knew that I would be able to shoot it, and indeed it was a goal in the basket and a goal for me in harvesting my fatigue and a reason for my obtaining the first international award.”

Al-Hadra aspires, after winning the best shooter in West Asia, to win prizes and top positions in the world in basketball, and to participate in competitions on a global level. The competition felt proud and accomplished, and that her hard work was not in vain. This was Hadrah's first participation in an international competition and she hopes that it will not be the last. Hadrah had won prizes at the level of Palestine, including the prize of the Jerusalem Junior Women's Championship 2016.

It is noteworthy that the West Asian Women's Basketball Championship for juniors was held in Sulaymaniyah Governorate in Iraq, with the participation of the Syrian, Lebanon and Palestine teams in addition to Iraq. The Syrian junior team won the tournament.


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