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Mustafa Bisharat

Mustafa Bisharat

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The player Mustafa Bisharat, who won the gold medal in the Asian Karate Championship, arrived in the homeland, this evening, Wednesday, where he was received in Jericho by a delegation from the Olympic Committee, the Karate Federation, the School Sports Federation and his family.

Bisharat had participated in the weight category over 76 kg, to win four consecutive matches against distinguished players from Japan, Jordan, Taiwan and India.

The participating delegation consisted of the players Mustafa Bisharat, Anas Bisharat, Ahmed Al-Quqa, Abdel-Halim Mabadi, Al-Hassan Tantish, Subhi Ayad, and under the supervision of coach Fayez Abu Muammar.

The player Bisharat was honored, in the presence of the Technical Director of the Olympic Committee, Nader Al-Jayousi, the President of the Karate Union, Muhammad Al-Bakri, and the staff of the school union represented by Fadia Emar, Director of the Administrative Department in Jericho Education, Sherine Judeh, the sports activity supervisor, and Professor Yazan Al-Hawi.

Al-Bakri thanked the Olympic Committee and its president, Lieutenant General Jibril Rajoub, for overcoming all obstacles in front of the federation to participate in this continental forum.

Al-Bakri stressed that the competition was intense in the championship, which included delegations from 28 countries in Asia, noting that this achievement is qualitative for the federation by achieving the gold medal that it has been absent from for many years.

Al-Bakri appreciated the efforts of the administrative and technical staff of the Union, the National Teams Committee, and the coaches of national teams, clubs and centers that strengthened their partnership in order to achieve this achievement.

He noted that the national team had participated in the recent West Asian Championship, winning 12 medals, 6 silver and the same bronze, with a delegation consisting of the northern and southern provinces and the diaspora.

Al-Bakri said, "Sport is an important part of our national life, and we always work to consolidate our ideals and values, and we consider that our heroes and all our athletes are ambassadors wherever they go."

Al-Bakri also thanked the Palestinian Embassy in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which followed up the affairs of the Palestinian delegation participating in the Asian Championship.

In turn, Al-Jayousi congratulated the player Bisharat and the Karate Federation, pointing to the vision of the Rajoub team, in partnership between the sports system and the Ministry of Education, in spreading different sports, discovering talents, qualifying them, and refining their capabilities to reach the world.

He pointed out that the player Bisharat is a typical example of this partnership, as he is a member of the school union and a promising talent in the national karate team, who enjoys attention and follow-up from the technical department of the Olympic Committee, according to the instructions of the Rajoub team to provide support to distinguished athletes in all sports.

Al-Jayousi emphasized the role of the family in supporting the player Bisharat to excel in this game and stand out through it on the continental scene.


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