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Ali Abu Shabab

Ali Abu Shabab

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The year (1998) was for our guest, the knight Abdullah Abu Shabab, a former member of the national team for endurance racing and the Royal Stables, the distinguished year in which he achieved his first achievement that pushed him to achieve more achievements and move forward in his hobby with the passion of horse lovers.

In the year 1995, Abu Shabab announced the start of his equestrian career, which began in equestrian endurance and endurance races, and he talked to us about many things related to his career through the following dialogue:

Our knight, Abu Shabab, confirmed that making a champion in equestrian sports of all kinds necessarily requires starting at an early age, providing a love for this sport and full knowledge of the nature of horses that are subjected to pressures and emotions.

Abu Shabab said: I am proud of the support, support and encouragement of Her Highness Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein to continue my career in this sport, as the start was in 1995 in the royal stables and I participated in the Qatar International Desert Race and in the Emirates, Syria and Spain and in the first marathon in Jordan in 1996 and achieved the first achievement I won the third place and the forgiven trophy was handed over to me, God willing, His Majesty King Hussein, may God rest his soul.

Abu Shabab added that the sport of endurance and endurance is one of the sports that requires fitness, distributing the load of the race, and dealing with the horse with kindness, as it is your companion on the road and achievement, pointing out that the Hussein International Race for Equestrian Ability and Endurance, which is held in Wadi Rum, is the most expensive and most important race on the Arab and regional levels, and it is linked to conscience The Jordanian race, which is organized annually by the Royal Equestrian Federation, in memory of the leader who supported and loved sports, so he has a special place in my heart.

Abu Shabab affirmed that the great efforts made by Her Highness Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Royal Equestrian Federation, have resulted in placing Jordanian equestrian on the international map. Throughout my participation, she overwhelmed me with a lot of support, care and appreciation, as she always supported the knight and praised my giving, had it not been for the efforts of Her Highness. When our sport reached this level, I hope that the spirit will return to the endurance race team and that there will be internal and external participation.

And about a situation that is still stuck in the memory, Abu Shabab said when I was sent to participate in the first endurance race, I had no idea and real knowledge about it because I loved horse riding, but I learned that equestrian sport is not without difficulties and painful situations, whether for the rider or his horse, especially in endurance equestrian. Endurance, which requires the rider to stay on horseback for long hours in international tournaments and for distances that may reach (160 km).

Regarding the month of Ramadan, Abu Shabab stressed that the month of Ramadan is the month of love and communication, and we in the Amman Center are keen to hold the Ramadan tournament, which will last for the hours of Suhoor.


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