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Yazan Jaber

Yazan Jaber

Sector : Sports, Athletes

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Yazan Jaber: A terrible feeling gripped me when I announced my victory after the final competition, when I carried the Palestinian flag on the stage and heard the Palestinian national anthem singing throughout the place

 Upon reaching the town of Al-Issawiya in Jerusalem, the effects of the daily confrontations with the occupation forces are evident in the streets and alleys, but the townspeople insist on practicing their normal lives despite the many obstacles and forms of abuse.

The recent confrontations erupted after it was announced that the town's son would receive martial arts champion Yazan Jaber, who returned with a gold medal from Kyrgyzstan on Sunday evening.
To spoil the joy of his reception, the occupation army and special forces stormed the town and tried to disperse the crowds that gathered to receive the first Palestinian to win the gold medal for Palestinian sports in "mixed martial arts" (MMA) after he participated in the 2021 Asian Gamma Championship that was held in Kyrgyzstan.

Jaber received Al-Jazeera Net at his home after returning from a medical visit due to injuries that concentrated in his legs during the three competitions he fought, and although he practices one of the most violent types of sports, he seemed calm, spoke in a low voice, and chose his words carefully.


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