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Muhammad Atallah

Muhammad Atallah

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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The Palestinian national team player, Muhammad Atallah, won the third place in the Asian Triathlon Championship, which was organized in Aqaba.

The champion, Atallah, participated in the “sprint” race for the category over 30 years, after achieving a new time in the championship in all stages of the race for all age groups, in which more than forty players participated for a distance of 5 km running, 20 km cycling, and 2.5 km running. .

A member of the federation and the official of the technical committee, Rashid Al-Masry, said that Atallah’s participation comes within the federation’s plan to continuously follow up the team’s members, indicating that his coronation with the bronze medal came under difficult circumstances, and a lack of material and logistical capabilities, as he underwent a continuous training program for two months before his participation in the tournament under Supervised by Coach Hassan Musa.

It is noteworthy that 200 male and female competitors from the champions of Asian and European countries have participated in the championship, from: Japan, Jordan, Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, America, Canada, Slovakia, and others. Asian countries.

Triathlon is a game consisting of 3 sports, "swimming, cycling, and running", all of which are Olympic games, and players in this sport swim for a distance of 1.5 km, then ride bicycles and walk them for a distance of 40 km, then jog and run for a distance of 10 km, where the person wins Upon completion of races within 1 hour and 50 minutes.

The triathlon is timed in five consecutive sections, the first time from the start of the swim to the start of the first transition i.e. swimming time, from the start of the first transition to the end of the first transition (T1 time), then the third time from the start of cycling to the end of the cycling leg (cycling time ), the fourth time from the start of the second transition to the end of the second transition (T2 time), finally from the start of the race to the end of the race, at which time the triathlon is completed.


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