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Saif Abu Salem

Saif Abu Salem

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  • Country of residence: Czech Republic
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Media of the Olympic Committee/ The player, Saif Abu Salem, achieved second place in the "Physics" category, in the 170 cm competition, in the Asian Bodybuilding Championships held in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek.

Abu Salem was able to register Palestine among the winning countries, by winning two silver medals, amid high-level competition among international professional players.

Abu Salem had prepared for this participation under the supervision of the technical committee of the federation led by Ghaleb Tartir, who congratulated the player on this achievement, stressing that it was a quantum leap in the bodybuilding game in Palestine, as Palestine participated with one player and won two medals without losing, which will raise the classification of the Palestinian federation. At the International and Continental Federation.

The President of the International Federation of Bodybuilding, Rafael Santoja, blessed the deserved victory, praising the determination of the Palestinian player, who has a strong structure, passion and ambition to reach the best.

In turn, he congratulated Dr. Adel Fahim, President of the Arab, Egyptian and African Federation and Vice President of the International Federation, praised the Palestinian Federation for what has been achieved, praising the administrative and technical efforts of the Federation, and the perfection of the hero Abu Salem.

Fahim called on the Palestinian players to work on themselves and stay away from the prohibitions in the game because it negatively affects their physical health.

He said: "Palestine is my second country, and I have great appreciation for it. Palestine is always in my heart, and the Palestinian bodybuilding sport has a prosperous future in light of the remarkable development it is witnessing, and I hope it will continue in this way."

Bashir Salama, Vice President of the Federation, dedicated this victory and achievement to the Palestinian sport, and the bodybuilding and fitness system in Palestine, stressing that what has been achieved in this participation on the administrative and technical level are achievements that will be recorded in the history of the Federation and will be announced in the central tournament scheduled for September 19. .

Salameh pointed out that Palestine took its natural place in the AFC General Assembly, during the elections for the executive office of the federation, which were held on the sidelines of the tournament.


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