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Saeed kazak

Saeed kazak

Sector : Sports, Athletes

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  • Country of residence: Spain
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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The Palestinian "Saeed Kazak" was able to win the first place in pistol shooting at a distance of 50 meters, in the International Olympic Shooting Competition, which was organized by the Spanish Al-Kor Shooting Club in the Shooting Federation Square in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Kazak annually participates in many tournaments, including the Spanish Championship and the King's Cup, in which he ranked second in Granada last month.

In addition to his excellence in archery, Kazak is considered the most famous bullfighter in the Kingdom of Spain, and he bears the nickname (Palistino), which means the Palestinian. He started practicing bullfighting 50 years ago, and graduated from the third stage to the second until he became a first-class wrestler for bulls weighing more than 600 kg. .

It should be noted that Saeed Kazak is of Palestinian origin, has Spanish citizenship, and was born in Haifa, from which he and his family fled in 1948 during the Palestinian Nakba to Damascus and then took refuge in Spain.


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