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Khalil Al-Jedili

Khalil Al-Jedili

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The Palestinian diver Khalil Al -Jadaili (24 years old) sits on his wheelchair in Al -Bureij camp in the central Gaza Strip, after he lost his feet as a result of Israeli artillery shelling in the first aggression on the sector in 2009, turning photographs of the dive and diving hobby training, which he mastered during his treatment trip.

The wide smile did not leave the face of Al -Jadaili, during his browsing of his non -old memories, and his features were drawn as wishes for time to return again to spend more time underwater, especially since luck did not help him to practice his favorite hobby in Gaza, as a result of circumstances that the report addresses to mention.

A purely coincidence that changed the lives of the Palestinian young al -Jadaili, during his treatment trips, as he went out on a recreation and recovery journey that was organized for a number of injured people, and one of them offered him the experience of diving, and he agreed after deep thinking, until he drowned in the love of this hobby that his family, and he was unable to do so after that. The paradox of its addiction.

On his story, Khalil Al -Jadaili told Al -Arabi Al -Jadeed, a Bachelor’s graduate, a business administration from the Islamic University in the city of Gaza, that he was injured on January 16, 2009 during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, when he surprised him and his family, an Israeli shell that hit their house directly. To the martyrdom of his brother Muhannad, and he was seriously injured with his other brother.

He continues to be upset with his features: "I lost my feet at the first moment of the bombing, and I was immediately transferred to Al -Aqsa Hospital, where wounds were performed from the hurtful bones, and then transferred to Al -Arish Hospital in the Arab Republic of Egypt the next day, and then to Helmiya Al -Zaytoun Military Hospital in Cairo, "explaining that he stayed for two and a half months in Egypt, during which he performed several operations.
He explains that he returned to Gaza to present the exams, but the Palestinian Authority turned him six months later to the Sochha Institute of the prostheses and rehabilitation in "Slovenia", and he returned again in 2010 to install industrial limbs in the Emirates, with the Palestinian Children Relief Association, his journey lasted for two months.

Khalil says of his beginnings: "I hesitated at the time because there was no relationship between me and the water, but I felt an internal desire that pushes me to try this adventure, and I actually made it after I wore several complete diving, which is the diving suit, the oxygen jar, the glasses, the seminal, the control device, Alternative air, weightlifting system that helps in diving. ”
"It was an exciting and wonderful experience," Al -Jadaili says, adding: "My mastery of the instructions, and my ability to diving and diving prompted the foreign coach to give me advice to pay attention and receive lessons, and this is what happened, as I became aware of all the details related to diving, and I can control diving and diving tools, What raised the ire of a number of international newspapers to talk about my hobby, despite the injury and disability I suffer from.

Al -Jadaili returned again to the Gaza Strip to complete his university studies, but the study did not prevent his passion from searching for diving ways, until he collided with the wall of the capabilities in the besieged sector.
He explains that he spends his time swimming, because "entertainment" tools are not available, as well as the lack of clubs for diving and specialized training courses. "I stayed one and a half hours under water, during which I watched fish and marine life, I think it is the most beautiful time I spent in my life, and I hope that it will be repeated."


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