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Abd Al-Rahman Abu Nab

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Al-Salhout dedicates the victory to our righteous martyrs and to the homeland

A new achievement for Palestinian sports was recorded at the hands of the champion of the Arab Sports Institute, Abd al-Rahman Hamza Abu Nab, who was able to obtain the gold medal in the Montenegro International Championship in the international boxing championship currently being held in the city of Budva, so that the moment of coronation for the brave Palestinian champion would be a message to the peoples of the world that the Palestinian people are a people. He is alive and has the will and decision and will continue to defend and achieve his legitimate rights.

    The Palestinian Boxing Federation and its Board of Directors, led by its president, Muhammad Al-Salhout, and his deputy, Captain Nader Al-Jayousi, worked hard and with high professionalism during the short period of its accreditation to make its bold decision to participate in this strong tournament with an integrated team of players and administrators.

   Today, we raise the flag of Palestine high after the institute’s player, Palestinian champion and member of the Palestinian boxing team, Abdul Rahman Abu Nab, achieved his deserved victory after fighting in the midst of many very strong competitive fights, proving to the world the competence of the Palestinian athlete.

   The mission’s administrator, international coach Nader Al-Jayousi, confirmed that the heroic Knight of Jerusalem, Abd al-Rahman Abu Nab (64 kg), won the gold medal after defeating the Albanian boxer with all merit, and the Barrio Guerilla Club player Wassim Abu Sal (52 kg) won the silver in his weight, after a fight. Strong with the Ukrainian boxer in a high-level final in which we were unsuccessful.

   Al-Jayousi added that the national team participated with eight players in the youth and junior categories, including five players from the Barrio Club. In his first participation with the national team, the player Nidal Fuqaha won the bronze medal in the 69kg weight after being eliminated by the host country’s player.

In the junior category, the player Zaid Shukani, 63 kg, the player Karam Al-Saqqa, 46 kg, and the player Qusay Al-Shuyoukhi, 75 kg, each won the bronze medal.

   The President of the Palestinian Boxing Federation, Muhammad Al-Salhout, dedicated the victory to the souls of our honorable martyrs and to our homeland, Palestine, from its north to its south, from its sea to its river. We salute the administrators of the mission, the Vice President of the Federation, Nader Al-Jayousi, the international coach, Walid Al-Baytouni, the Board of Directors of the Arab Sports Institute “Champions Factory,” and all members of the mission and their families for their support. This is an unprecedented achievement.


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