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Muhammad Abu Musaed

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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With simple capabilities, the Palestinian young man, Muhammad Abu Musaed, 40 years old, was able to establish the first “arrow shooting” team on horseback in the city of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, with the help of a number of horsemen.

Abu Musaed used bows and arrows, which he made several years ago with simple tools, to practice archery on horseback, which he initially practiced on the ground, in order to revive the Arab and Islamic heritage in Gaza.
The young Palestinian man, Muhammad Abu Musaed, tells the details of his story to “Al-Kufiya” that several years ago he was able to make primitive bows and arrows with simple tools, to satisfy his passion for the sport of archery. He continued that he began practicing archery on the ground with his relatives years ago, but this year he moved to Practice archery on horseback.

He said, "The idea of applying archery on horseback began when I was able to own a horse, especially since it had the skill of archery and all the tools," explaining that he developed the level of archery on horseback.

  Abu Musaed added that one of the basic things that must be done before practicing the sport is to tame all the horses that will be used in archery, so that they are able to endure, explaining that horses initially cannot tolerate the sounds of bows, because it causes discomfort to them.

He stressed that he attracts a lot of young people who are good at riding horses, and he is not looking for someone who is good at archery, due to the small number of skilled horse riders, but horse riders can learn archery.

Arab culture

Abu Musaed explained that horse archery is a deeply rooted origin among the Arabs and the Arab and Islamic culture, indicating that it has enjoyed a very high level of attraction for riders around the world, as more than one local championship has been organized in various Arab countries.

He added that the sport of archery on horseback has been well received and appreciated by many citizens, especially horse lovers.

Abu Musaed noted, “In order to practice this sport, you need a place with special specifications, for a track that extends more than 150 meters in length. Obtaining a piece of land with these specifications is very difficult with our capabilities, and we face difficulties in practicing this sport due to the limited capabilities that we possess due to the economic situation.” difficult situation and the Israeli siege.

He hopes to have an independent track and a place for their horses to sleep, in order to save them the trouble of traveling and moving from one place to another, in addition to providing transportation for the riders, especially since the number of riders is increasing and the capabilities are decreasing.

Abu Musaed called on officials and decision-makers to stand up to their responsibilities, and provide them with material and moral support, to develop the sport of horseback shooting, to preserve the Islamic and Arab heritage, in addition to developing this sport and finding those who embrace and support it, and represent Palestine abroad.


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