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Lamar Abu Armila

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Nasser Al-Muhtaseb - Director of Public Relations and Media at the Judo Federation / The head of the Palestinian judo delegation participating in the West Asian Federation Championship, champion Khaled Abu Rmeileh, reported that Palestine completed its participation effectively and with complete success in the West Asian Championship in which (10) ancient judo countries participated. During which the Palestinian judo champions and heroines achieved good results, the total of which was (9) official and certified medals, as follows: Female team: Champion Amal Abdullah Siam, a silver medal, Champion Siham Al-Shweiki, a silver medal, Champion Lamar Abu Armila, a silver medal, Champion Malak Firas, a bronze medal. . Youth team: Champion Salah Al-Wahsh, a silver medal, Yazan Badran, a bronze medal, Moayad Dhouib, a bronze medal, Champion Muhammad Riad, a bronze medal. Junior team: Only the champion Fouad Abu Armila won the bronze medal. These results are considered final and official, and only the first three places are considered to be among the classifications of the international and continental federations, as the Palestinian champions made great efforts to raise the national flag high, as did the team. Al-Shabab (group play) won the third place cup, and the team rose to the podium after a strong and convincing performance, thanks to God. On the other hand, the head of the Palestinian delegation participating in the West Asian Championship, the hero Khaled Abu Rmeileh, met on the sidelines of the tournament with the head of the West Asian Federation, Samir Al-Moussawi, and several officials, where it was agreed to organize the next tournament in Palestine. He also met with the Japanese expert (Fujita Sensei) from the (Kodokan) Institute. ) Japanese, and the mechanism for organizing a camp for judo trainers in Palestine was discussed under the supervision of Jordanian expert Tawfiq Al-Saadi. On the same level, the head of the Palestinian delegation, Khaled Abu Rmeileh, confirmed that it was agreed with the Chairman of the Jordanian Referees Committee and Chairman of the West Asian Federation Referees Committee, Khaled Malkawi, on the necessity of hosting him in Palestine for several days in order to work on classifying the Palestinian referees in the West Asian Federation, and he praised the President of the Federation. Muawiyah Al-Qawasmeh, who was in constant contact with him as head of the Palestinian mission in order to check on the mission. On the other hand, the head of the Palestinian delegation, Khaled Abu Armila, accompanied by the member of the administrative body and treasurer of the federation, Munir Mohsen, honored the tournament’s general director (Nabil Darawil), who is of Libyan nationality, in return for the great efforts he made to make the tournament a success, and his tireless work in facilitating the mission of the Palestinian delegation participating in the tournament. . The Palestinian champion, Salah Al-Wahsh, stood out in the tournament and performed well and won the silver medal. The Palestinian champion (daughter of Holy Jerusalem), Amal Abdullah Siam, also excelled and won the silver medal. The champion, Amal Siam, is considered the first player in the history of Palestinian judo to obtain a black belt in the game. Judo also appeared remarkably, as the champion of Palestine, the able coach Wissam Abu Armila, the coach of the female team, and this was clearly demonstrated by the female team winning the largest number of medals, and the strong performances that they demonstrated on the mat, which won everyone’s approval and admiration. The promising champion, Talal Al-Tahan, played strong matches and was His performance was wonderful and outstanding despite his injury. He beat the Jordanian champion well and deservedly, amidst the applause of the audience. He has a Palestinian Olympic future that bodes well, God willing. In turn, the President of the Federation and Vice President of the West Asian Judo Federation, Hajj Muawiyah Al-Qawasmeh, noted that the Federation will continue to organize official tournaments on a regular basis for both sexes, in a way that achieves the aspirations and hopes of Arab youth and the champions of the West Asian continent. Al-Qawasmeh praised the Palestine delegation’s administrators and male and female players through The discipline and commitment they exercised on the ground, and Al-Qawasmeh considered it the largest in several years in terms of foreign participation (so the harvest was abundant), and he extended his highest congratulations to the family of the Judo Federation for the advanced positions achieved by the Palestinian players. He also congratulated the families and guardians of the players on their children’s achievement. And their daughters and their obtaining this huge number of medals, promising that the flag of the nation will always remain raised high in Al-Alali, dear and proud, under the patron of the sports march, His Excellency Major General Jibril Rajoub, the leader and teacher Al-Albani. The President of the Federation thanked and appreciated the President of the Jordanian Wrestling and Judo Federation, Bakr Al-Abadi, for the good organization and management. And follow up. What is worth noting is that the Palestine delegation was headed by the hero Khaled Abu Rmeileh and the membership of the administrators was the Treasurer Sheikh Mounir Mohsen, the Vice President of the Federation, Wael Al-Tahan, the Administrative Officer, and the Women’s Activities Officer in the Federation, Iman Al-Huwaihi, the Administrator of the female team in the tournament, and they were all a compact and harmonious bloc with the heart of one man. They made unremitting efforts to have an honorable appearance in the tournament, which reflected positively on the results of the tournament. President of the Judo Federation, Muawiyah Al-Qawasmeh, explained that a ceremony would be held to honor the judo delegation in exchange for the remarkable successes achieved in this broad Asian championship, in which ancient judo countries participated.


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