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Oday Saifi

Oday Saifi

Sector : Sports, Athletes

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1986
  • Age: 26
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Odai Yusuf Ismaeel Al-Saify (born on March 26, 1986) is a Jordanian footballer. He currently plays as a winger/striker for Al-Salmiya SC of Kuwait, and is a member of the Jordan national football team.

Achievements and Awards

He scored 7 goals in 7 games, which 5 of them were in a first round match against Macau at the 2006 Asian Games.
He scored the 3rd goal for his team against Lebanon in the 58th minute(June 20, 2007 WAFF) He scored against Qatar in the 90th minute for the Semi Finals of 2008 West Asian Football Federation Championship (August 13, 2008) and played most of the games
Odai has played for the senior Jordan national football team in six qualifying matches for the 2010 FIFA World Cup scoring no goals.

However, he is part of the reason why Jordan made it to the 2011 Asian Cup. Well to begin with, on match day 2 with Singapore, a penalty was made on Odai by one of the Singapore defenders in their penalty area after trying to receive a cross from his teammate Abdel-Hadi Al-Maharmeh, which allowed their teammate Hatem Aqel to take the penalty shot and score the tie goal on Singapore at 41 min. But unfortunately, Singapore was able to score the winning goal on Jordan at 62 min. On matchday 4 with Iran in their home stadium at Amman during their 2011 AFC Asian Cup qualification, he let his teammate Amer Deeb score on Iran the one and only goal of the match thanks to a high and far cross from their defending teammate Hatem. When Odai ran forward to receive Hatem's far cross from behind as a free kick against Iran, he received it on the left of Iran's penelty area and passed the ball to his teammate Amer on his right to let him score at the 78 min. And on match day 6 with Singapore during qualification, Odai scored the first goal of the match with a header in the first 8 min, thanks to Amer Deeb and his cross to Odai in the Singapore's penalty area. He then participated in the 2011 Asian Cup and did not want to miss the oppuratunity. During the 2011 Asian Cup on matchday 3 with Syria at the end of group stage, Odai scored the winning goal against Syria at 58 min, and thanks to him, Jordan was able to go on to the quarter-finals, against Uzbekistan. Odai also participated in the 2011 Asian Cup.

Odai's most historic goals ever were his header against Singapore, in Amman on match day 6 during the 2011 Asian Cup qualification, and against Syria in the 2011 Asian Cup on match day 3 in group stage.

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