Success stories of Palestinian achievers from all over the world

Abdullah Abu Sitta

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1918
  • Age: 94
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Ma’in Abu Sitta, Bir As-Saba’, in 1918; attended Al-Rawda College in Jerusalem; joined the Arab Revolt (1936-39) and became leader of the southern district of As-Saba’; liberated with his comrades Bir As-Saba’ from the British in 1938 and established a national rule in the area for a year; following British recapture of Bir As-Saba’, moved to Egypt as a political refugee; returned to Palestine in the 1940s and formed a force, which coordinated with volunteers from the Muslim Brotherhood, to defend the district of Bir As-Saba’ from 1947 until the Egyptian Army entered Palestine on 15 May 1948; after the War of 1948, he formed a political organization for refugees and became the Sec.-Gen. for the Executive Committee of the Refugees Conference; reformed the fedayeen inside Palestine in the 1950s; elected to the first Legislative Council in Gaza in 1961; represented Palestine in a number of non-aligned conferences; appointed the first Palestinian Ambassador to Qatar; returned to Jordan in 1970 to gather support for the Palestinian cause; was assassinated by the Jordanian Army in Sept. 1970.


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