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Fida Nasr

Fida Nasr

Sector : Media , Journalists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Female
  • Born in : 1988
  • Age : 33
  • Curriculum vitae :


Fidaa Abdel-Fattah Nasr (1988-) is a Palestinian journalist reporter from Dura city in the Hebron Governorate. She was born on July 1, 1988 in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She completed her university studies at Birzeit University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in radio and media, specializing in television. Fida is currently a news reporter for the Palestine Today satellite channel in the southern West Bank.

Fidaa Nasr is considered one of the most prominent Palestinian journalists who were famous for their strong personality that enabled them to appear continuously in covering events closely in the West Bank. Fida was known for her direct transmission of all the funerals of martyrs in Hebron and Bethlehem. To be in the midst of confrontations, but Fida was distinguished by her news reports, speed of transmission, high intuition and the amount of information she possesses about each event she works on covering, and this is evident in her news reports.

Fida started working in late 2009, where she first worked in Watan TV, then in Ajyal Radio Network, then worked in Palestine TV, and she is currently working as a reporter for Palestine Today satellite channel in the southern West Bank.

In March 2014, the Israeli occupation forces arrested Fidaa Nasr while she was doing her official media work to cover events in the city of Hebron, and she was released in the evening of the same day. On October 16, 2015, Fidaa was injured while covering clashes between Palestinians and the occupation forces in Hebron.

Fida recently won the Grand Prize for Documentary Film at the Souss International Short Film Festival in Morocco for the movie "One Stories", which she produced in partnership with her colleague Mahmoud Khalaf. The Moroccan Sahara, in addition to receiving a special mention from the jury at the Kelibia International Film Festival in Tunisia, and was also nominated to participate in other festivals in Iraq and Egypt, and Fida won second place in the Arab world in the award for best news report at the Tunis Festival for Arab Radios. Her film "Rural in Black", produced by Shashat, was screened at the Aegean Documentary Film Festival in the Greek city of Mytilene. Dr. Raghad Dweik said about her: "I have no hope of listening to Fidaa Nasr, the correspondent for Palestine Today in Hebron. She has intelligence, quick intuition, and the ability to focus in the most difficult situations, in addition to the strength, flexibility and diversity of expression, with composure and perseverance, for continuous work in the field. This is how a successful media person is. In my opinion, congratulations to her, her satellite channel, and her audience.

On March 11, 2016, large forces of the occupation army stormed the Palestine Satellite Office today and the headquarters of the Transmedia company, which provides technical services to the satellite channel. Farouk Aliyat, director of the channel’s office in the West Bank, and this decision came from the Israeli Cabinet, which decided earlier to close a number of Palestinian media institutions under the pretext of incitement, and this is what the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate considered an attack on the free speech, and two days later, the occupation forces contacted my correspondents The channel and threatened them if they worked with the satellite channel, and an Israeli officer called Fida Nasr and told her that she was prohibited from doing her journalistic work and threatened that if she returned to work with the satellite channel Palestine Today, the Israeli intelligence would arrest her.

Despite all the threats, the journalist Fida Nasr continued her journalistic work, and the solidarity campaign with the Palestine TV channel today launched the title (Fedayeen Palestine Today) due to her continuing her journalistic work, considering it a legitimate right guaranteed by all human rights laws approved by the countries of the world.



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