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Ahmed Saidan

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1914
  • Age: 108
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Ahmad Salim Saedan (1914-1991), a Palestinian mathematician born in Safed. He is considered one of the leading mathematicians in Palestine.


his life

He was born in Safed, one of the cities of Palestine, and studied primary school in his country, and secondary school at the Arab College in Jerusalem, and obtained a BA from the American University of Beirut - specializing in mathematics, and a doctorate in the history of mathematics among Arabs.


He taught in Palestine from 1934 to 1948, during which time he wrote many books on mathematics for secondary school students. After that, he worked in education for the Sudanese government at the University of Khartoum until the year 1389 AH, during which he wrote mathematics books for school students. In the year 1389 AH he joined the faculty of the Faculty of Science at the University of Jordan. In it, he obtained the rank of professor, and held the position of Dean of the College of Science for two years. In the year 1399 AH, he participated in the founding of Al-Quds University, established the Faculty of Science in Abu Dis, and continued to teach there until the Zionist authorities expelled him. Since that date, he has been writing and composing in the history of mathematics among Muslims, and was elected as a supportive member of the Iraqi Scientific Academy in 1399 AH, and a member of the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo in 1408 AH, and an honorary member of the Jordanian Arabic Language Academy.


The library enriched with many scientific and heritage literature and translated many books. He had more than thirty textbooks, most of them in association with others, and about fifty published research papers, and he has several books on the history of mathematics among Muslims, including about thirty manuscripts. He also translated several mathematical books into Arabic and had efforts in the achievements of the Jordanian Arabic Language Academy in general and in the field of approximating scientific education in particular.


His writings

Human thought in his childhood.

Calculus and Analytical Geometry - joint translation.

Abstract algebra - joint translation.

Principles of Mathematical Analysis - joint translation.

Abu al-Wafa' al-Buzjani's Mathematics Book - Investigation.

The Message of Flattening the Images and Flattening the Core by Al-Biruni - Investigation.

The Affiliation Ceremony in the Milestones of Account / Yaish Bin Ibrahim Al-Omawi - Investigation of Aleppo: University of Aleppo, Institute of Arab Scientific Heritage 1401 AH.

Sources and Studies in the History of Arab and Islamic Sciences: History of Mathematical Sciences Series 2.

Chapters in the Indian Account of Abu al-Hasan al-Euclid - Investigation, 2nd Edition, Aleppo: University of Aleppo, Institute of Arab Scientific Heritage 1404 AH - History of Arabic Arithmetic.

Introduction to the History of Scientific Thought in Islam - Kuwait: The National Council for Culture, Letters and Arts, 1409 AH - The World of Knowledge 131.

Dictionary of Elementary Mathematics Terms: A Historical Attempt - Amman: The Jordanian Arabic Language Academy, 1408 AH.

History of algebra in the Arab world: a comparative study with an investigation of the most important Arabic algebra books. Kuwait: Kuwait University, 1406 AH, the heritage series.

The Letters of Ibn Sinan: Thabit bin Qurra Investigation: The National Council for Culture, Letters and Arts, 1403 AH - Heritage Series 6.

Principles of Differential Equations and Their Applications - Joint translation.

his death

He died in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on Wednesday, Rajab 8, corresponding to January 23, 1991.




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