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Zina Galad

Zina Galad

Sector : Academic Figures, Law

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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A Palestinian woman receives the first doctorate in law title for an Arab woman from Columbia University


Palestinian lawyer Zina Jallad received her doctorate in law from Columbia University - New York, to be registered as a new Palestinian academic and cognitive achievement.


The university celebrated the award of the doctorate title to the first Arab woman with an exceptional degree of distinction (JSD in Law with the Highest Distinction), which is the highest academic title granted to academics specializing in the study of law in the history of the university.


Columbia University is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and many Arab and Palestinian personalities who influence the world have distinguished themselves in scientific and knowledge production, the most prominent of whom are the late Professor Edward Said, Professor and historian Rashid Khalidi, Dr. Laila Abu Al-Lughod, Dr. Nadia Abu Al-Haj and Dr. Safwan Al-Masry and other thinkers and academics.


During the past six years, Dr. Galad specialized in studying international law, international criminal accountability and human rights and their impact on marginalized groups such as refugees, religious minorities and women. She presented her thesis with a comparative study of the crisis of applying international law in the Arab region.


It is noteworthy that Dr. Jallad is a member of the Palestinian Regular Bar Association and the New York Bar Association. She has worked with a number of international organizations such as the International Impartial Mechanism to Investigate War Crimes against Syria, the International Organization for Women UNWOMEN, and the OHCHR, in addition to her previous work as a lecturer on criminal and legal law. International at Columbia University in the United States of America, and both Birzeit and Al-Quds Universities in Palestine; It is worth mentioning that she also worked as a legal expert with the European Union through the Seyada project within the Bar Association Development Program, which was at the time the largest funded project to develop and institutionalize the Palestinian Regular Bar Association and resulted in the construction of a new building and the development of training, modernization and automation programs.




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