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Haneen Al-Deweb

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"The Palestinian woman is capable of giving and a partner in success, and despite all the difficult and doubling challenges in front of her, she was able to prove her capabilities in many areas of life. Being awarded the L'Oréal and UNESCO award motivates me more as a Palestinian woman to continue my quest, and my resistance to all social, financial, and political obstacles and challenges. facing Arab women, and Palestinians in particular. This was expressed by Birzeit University graduate Hanin Dheib, in conjunction with the "International Day of Women and Girls in the Field of Science", which comes in appreciation of the role of women and girls in the fields of science and technology.


Dheib, who recently received the L'Oréal-UNESCO award dedicated to honoring and supporting outstanding female scientists in the field of science, for a research entitled "Treatment of steatitis associated with early cardiovascular disease in pre-diabetes with safe and effective nutritional methods."


Dhoueb graduated from the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and Master of Public and Community Health programs at Birzeit University, and is working on completing her doctoral thesis from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in the middle of this year, under the title “Treatment of inflammation of the fatty membranes associated with early cardiovascular disease at some stage.” Pre-diabetes with safe and effective nutritional methods. She is preparing to travel to the University of Barcelona in Spain soon to complete an important part of her research, after receiving a program award.


In Spain, Theeb will seek to find early ways to treat infections of the fatty membranes, before they develop into diabetes in advanced stages, by targeting the bacteria in the intestine, knowing that there is no therapeutic or diagnostic method for early detection.


Dhoib shared the award with five young researchers from Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon, who submitted scientific and medical research for the International Prize, through a jury that included figures in scientific research from UNESCO and the international company L'Oréal.


On the nature and details of the research, Dhoib said, "The research is concerned with treating and following-up cardiovascular diseases in the pre-diabetes stage through follow-up and treatment of inflammation in the fatty membranes. To positive results that qualified us to win the award in order to continue scientific research in this field.”


This prestigious award has been awarded, since 1998, to honor outstanding women scientists and researchers in the field of science, who are drawn from different regions of the world for their unprecedented discoveries in the scientific disciplines.


Dhoib explained that, "Winning the award contributes to introducing the world to young and active female researchers, to support them, and the award will help them complete their research." Winning it helps us develop research, achieve achievements and draw attention to what we are doing.”


It was not easy to obtain this award, but it came after many years of hard work and exhaustion. Theeb joined the College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions at Birzeit University in the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics program in 2008. Although the specialization was new, and there were no Enough specialists to teach at the time, but Dhoib confirms that she did not hesitate to enroll in this specialty, because she was aware of Birzeit's ability to provide a high level of education.


After completing her bachelor's degree, she did not hesitate to enroll again in the master's program in public and community health at her university, Birzeit, even though she was working in a full-time hospital in Bethlehem where she lives, "although I am from Bethlehem, and I work in a hospital there for five Days a week, I chose to continue my studies at Birzeit University, even though there are universities closer to where I live. I wanted to maintain the high level of knowledge I got from my university."


Dhoueb described the two years she spent studying for a master’s degree at Birzeit University as “two years of jihad,” but the university estimated her fatigue and supported her with half a scholarship in one of the classes. She also participated with a group of colleagues and professors in an oral presentation on vitamin B12 deficiency among school children, in a conference The Lancet, an annual conference of the Lancet Coalition Network that aims to expand international and local scientific writing for policy development on the health conditions of Palestinians




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