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Penelope Shahab

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Penelope Shehab was born and raised in Palestine during a period of political instability when it was difficult for most people to stay, live and dream there, but for her the kick was trying for her to find a better place to live and make her dreams come true. With the support of her parents, she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Laboratory Medicine from University of Applied Sciences and then completed her postgraduate studies in Hematology, Biotechnology and Immunology at the University of Science and Technology in Jordan. Because of her love and passion for science, she decided to receive her education abroad, and she obtained her master’s degree at the London Institute in 2004. After that, she completed her education in 2011 by obtaining a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology under the supervision of Professor Chris Lowe, Director of the School of Biotechnology at the University of London. Cambridge, who later became a member of the Board of Directors of Monogo, the first innovative biotechnology company in Jordan and the Arab world.

The goal of Monogo was research and development in the field of whey antibodies. After a discussion that took place between her and one of the Bedouins of Jordan, who opened her eyes to the importance of the natural resources of the region that its people use to prevent and treat some diseases such as diabetes and cancer, which afflicted Penelope. The camel has really distinctive nano-size antibodies that are able to withstand the harsh thermal and acidic conditions, unlike the antibodies of other organisms, which makes them transfer them and penetrate any tissue very easily, which means facilitating the flow of any drug formulated from them into the human bloodstream.

After several studies she conducted on the skin condition of the Bedouins of Jordan, she found that although they sleep in a difficult and dry climate, the nature of their skin is very pure and healthy. She worked on this line as well to discover "camel technology". Made from camel milk to treat skin problems, which is sold today in 15 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia and some Gulf countries through a digital marketing company based in Britain - Royal Terabiotics -

And due to her great faith in Arabs and youth in particular, and their ability to achieve many great achievements as soon as they had the opportunity to do so, Penelope founded in 2011 and her business partner, Samih Darwazah, the Applied Scientific Research Fund, which is a non-profit organization that supports innovators and entrepreneurs in the Arab region and focuses on the health care sector, which supports It helps by providing guidance and counseling program, capacity building and financing entrepreneurial projects. Its goal was to create leaders and innovators in the field of science and technology in Jordan, and to have a prominent role in achieving development, prosperity and support for youth. So far, it has contributed to supporting three women to start their projects and companies, and it still aspires to support more. How not when she overcame many obstacles at the beginning of her career as an Arab woman, mother and scientist, and she has enough ambition to help others achieve their dreams to prove that the Arab world is full of more and more "Penelope Shehab".


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