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Baraa Abdullah Abu Asaker

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A Palestinian woman obtains a patent for pancreatic cancer treatment in Spain
Palestinian researcher Baraa Abu Asaker obtained a patent for a drug compound that can definitively treat pancreatic cancer.

According to what was published by the Palestinian media, the researcher Abu Asaker, who resides in Spain and is enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Barcelona, obtained a patent for the “p1.3 peptidomimetic” compound, which is designed to bind to a protein responsible for the emergence of pancreatic cancer, as the function of this compound is to inhibit the action of the carcinogenic protein. .
Abu Asaker indicated that the aforementioned treatment was reached after two continuous years of her work in intensive research at the University of Barcelona for the Faculty of Medicine, Department of “Biomedicine / hospital Clinic”, to culminate in her research by signing the patent on February 18, from the Spanish pharmaceutical company. Bosch i Gimpera”.

This treatment has obtained results of up to 80 percent in killing cancer cells, in addition to not affecting normal cells.

It is noteworthy that the researcher Abu Asaker, a Palestinian resident of the Gaza Strip, graduated from the Islamic University in 2016, and was appointed after graduation as a lecturer at the university. In 2019 she obtained her master's degree at the University of Barcelona and is now a demonstrator in her PhD programme.

Palestinians and Arabs circulated the news that the researcher Abu Asaker had obtained a patent on a large scale through social media platforms.


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