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Najwa Abu Salmiya

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A new teacher from Gaza teachers joins the constellation of creators in the world of stardom by winning international awards. She is the teacher Najwa Abu Salmiya from Al-Huda Secondary School for Girls in the West Gaza Education Directorate. This week, she was able to win the Khalifa Educational Award for the creative teacher at the level of Palestine and the Arab world.

Abu Salmiya was able to win this prestigious award after she achieved many achievements, including the preparation and production of educational materials for school students, especially for the subject she teaches, which is the subject of scientific culture, where she served the students through: producing 93 educational videos, preparing comprehensive training material for review, preparing more than 20 electronic tests through Google Forms, multiple gamification activities, and 79 educational files.

She also created a comprehensive Google site for scientific culture, managed a project-based “Steam-oriented” Blogger blog, and prepared interactive software for all scientific culture curricula, including multimedia and self-evaluation.

The teacher, Najwa, has also implemented many initiatives, including: the educational atlas of parasitic worms, “light on light” for students with poor achievement, “greater achievement and less effort”, “Corona Challenge” for distance learning, “green school”, and “Volunteer Hour for Palestine” and the implementation of various health initiatives to activate health activities and events.

The teacher, Najwa, is also distinguished by the use of active and electronic learning for high school students, and the project-based “STEAM Curve” for high school students.

The teacher, Najwa, presented a large educational file for the award launched by the sister country of the United Arab Emirates, and was able to outperform competitors from all over the Arab world in all areas of the Khalifa competition, namely: teaching competencies, sustainable learning, distance learning, sustainable professional development, studies and research. , communication and community partnerships, loyalty and belonging, citizenship, leadership, and evaluation.

The teacher Najwa works as a teacher for the subject of scientific culture and science for the secondary stage, and she participates in many educational committees for the development of the educational process, and she has creative activities such as workshops, lectures, and educational meetings face-to-face and remotely.

It is noteworthy that the Khalifa Award for Creative Teacher is the first international award that teacher Najwa receives, thus making her way to the world of international stardom, as she had won many local awards, most notably the Mubadaraty Award for initiating teachers in the Gaza Strip in 2017, 2020, Knights of Digital Content and Microsoft Expert Teacher And qualifying among the top ten projects in the Luma Start International Competition in Finland, where the name of Palestine was included in the list of participating countries.

It is noteworthy that the teacher, Najwa Abu Salmiya, won the Khalifa Award for Education for the Creative Teacher, along with the teacher, Rana Ziyadah, from Al-Zahraa School, east of Gaza, and they were the only two Palestinian teachers who won the award.

It is noteworthy that a number of Gaza Strip teachers have achieved local and international awards in many fields during the past few years, and this was the result of an educational renaissance led by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Gaza.


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