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Wafi Attallah

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  • Country of residence: Turkey
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The Palestinian surgeon, Professor Dr. Wafi Atallah, professor of general surgery at the Faculty of Medicine at Marmara University, was awarded the title of Doctor of the Year 2021, for his invention of a medical device that helps patients with fecal incontinence.

We note that this device was awarded the gold medal as the best medical invention for the year 2020 at the 5th Istanbul International Exhibition of Inventions under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.

The Palestinian Doctors Association in Turkey organized a lecture on this invention presented by Professor Atallah, in which he explained the technology of this device and its role in treating fecal incontinence problems in the hall of Medipol University, Esenlar Branch.

It is worth noting that the Palestinian Dr. Wafi Atallah is known for his dedication to his work and his humility towards his colleagues and patients.
We at Al-Awda Network reaffirm our pride in the Palestinian scientific figures in all fields for their efforts in serving and developing medical services and alleviating the suffering of patients.


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