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Yousef Salameh

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Palestinian Professor Youssef Salameh, in partnership with Professor Beate Heissage of Juntendo University in Japan, has come up with a new and effective strategy to overcome drug resistance developed by leukemia cells.

This was done during a collaborative study between Prof. Salama and Heissig, published in the American Medical Journal of Hematology, Blood Advances.

The research team responsible for this study showed the role that proteins play within cancerous plasma cells in growing uncontrollably and overcoming the effects of cancer drugs. All of these patients share an increased level of the presence of a gene (Egfl7), a protein that promotes the growth of cancer cells. cancer cells.

It is noteworthy that Professor Salama graduated from the Department of Biotechnology at the Faculty of Science at An-Najah National University in 2009, then he was sent on scholarship in 2012 to complete his postgraduate studies in the field of cancer and stem cells at the University of Tokyo in Japan, where he published more than 10 research papers in this specialty in the master's and doctoral periods.

Salameh also crowned his research activity and passion for his specialty by obtaining a patent approval through the discovery of a gene related to stem cell growth and aging.


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