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Islam Al-Dababsa

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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The Palestinian doctor, Islam Al-Dababseh, was able to record a qualitative scientific achievement in the treatment of infertility diseases for his homeland, Palestine.

The Palestinian doctor succeeded, after a long outcome of research and studies, in converting stem cells taken from the skin into effective and high-quality sperm under the influence of electric waves.

The technology will open the doors to a new type of treatment for infertility patients worldwide, as a research panel on the subject was presented at a special conference in Belgium in mid-November.

It is indicated that Dr. Al-Dabaseh obtained his doctorate in cardiovascular surgery in 2007, to be crowned by the mayor of Kiev.

As happened d. The stapler has several patents in various fields of medicine, and it has many scientific articles, and it has been awarded several medals and honorary certificates from many countries.


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