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Muhammad Khamis Muhammad al-Bobo

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  • Country of residence: Egypt
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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The Palestinian researcher, Muhammad Khamis Muhammad al-Bobo, obtained a Ph.

The discussion and judgment committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Rashad Ahmed Abdel Latif, Professor of Community Organization and former Vice President of Helwan University, and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abbas Ibrahim, Professor of Anthropology, Chairman of the Academic Promotions Committee at the Faculty of Arts at Alexandria University and former Vice Dean of the College, and Prof. Dr. Tariq Labib Emara, Professor of Community Organisation. Dean of the Higher Institute of Social Work in Kafr El-Sheikh, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Badawi, Professor of Sociology, and Director of the Institute of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University; The discussion committee praised the researcher's message and the subject of his thesis.

The discussion was attended by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Omar Hamada, Professor of Anthropology, Prof. Dr. Asmaa Muhammad Abbas Ibrahim, Professor of Media and Communication, and a group of Palestinian, Libyan, and Egyptian researchers and students from different governorates of the countries.


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