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Anas Al-Baghdadi

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Palestinian doctor Anas Al-Baghdadi (26 years old) in Gaza, succeeded in preparing medical content remotely for the benefit of international medical and health organizations, in light of the lack of suitable job opportunities in the besieged Strip. Al-Araby Al-Jadeed met Anas Al-Baghdadi, who explained his experience working remotely, encouraging Gazan youth to do the same.
How was the beginning?

I finished my studies in medicine at Misr University of Science and Technology in Cairo, in 2017, and got the opportunity to specialize in addition to working in Egypt or in Qatar, but I decided to return to Gaza and work here to be close to my family. After general training, I began working at Al-Shifa Medical Complex and clinics affiliated with the Palestine Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), and I obtained an excellent grade in the profession practice exam. But I made sure that the doctor in Gaza, just like everyone else, does not have decent job opportunities. It can be said that the situation of doctors here is very bad, especially with the lack of employment due to the economic crisis. Therefore, I began to focus on the English language and modern technology, and then I started looking for remote work.
What next?

I enrolled in a course with the remote entrepreneurship incubator Gaza Sky Geeks, and after one month I got a remote job that was not related to my specialty, which was preparing content for a cookbook for the Scandinavian countries through research and collecting documented information. Two months later, I got a new job at an Australian educational website writing content for the anatomy section, and I signed an annual contract in the process. I also received an offer to write questions for the British Fellowship exams, and I got a job with the Medical Aid Foundation for Palestinians (MAP) to translate a program to implement family medicine in Palestinian society. Then, opportunities for remote work began to increase, in the field of preparing medical content remotely for medical organizations and international websites, and I was the first doctor in Gaza to do so.


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