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Mustafa Fathi Haji

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  • Country of residence: Russia
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The Palestinian doctor Mustafa Fathi Hajji, from the Gaza Strip, achieved an unprecedented achievement for a Palestinian doctor by obtaining a high degree in his specialty as a urologist, the highest in the Russian Ministry of Health, after passing the examination of the Russian Federal Ministry of Health.

Hajji dedicated this achievement to his family and the Palestinian people everywhere he resides, pointing out that he will spare no effort in serving his motherland, Palestine, promising that he will do everything in his power to achieve more achievements.

Hajji sent a message to students studying in Palestinian universities and outside them, about the need to hone their experiences and urge them to persevere, diligently, and not despair, so that these efforts are crowned with success, in a way that benefits the building of the institutions of the Palestinian state. To be a pioneer in all fields, wishing them success.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Hajji graduated from Astrakhan State University in 1998, obtained a Bachelor’s degree in General Medicine, and was able to obtain a Master’s degree in 2002 in kidney and urinary tract surgery. He joined the military hospital of the Russian Navy as a urologist.

  In 2006, he worked at the Fifth State Hospital of the Ministry of Health in Astrakhan, where he still works.

It is noteworthy that Hajji participated in many medical conferences for urology in several Russian cities, including: (Rostov, Sochi, Volgagrad, Moscow, Sankt Peterburg).

  He also participated in conferences and seminars in the countries of the Russian Federation (Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan). In addition, he also participated in international conferences in (Sweden, Denmark, and the Arab Republic of Egypt), and obtained many certificates of appreciation, and in 2014 he received the He received a first-class doctor’s rating for five years, and in 2019 he obtained a high-ranking urologist’s rating, which is the highest in the Russian Ministry of Health.


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