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Fatima Abu Wasel Ighbarieh

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
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Her Excellency was appointed as the Palestinian Ambassador for Culture in the Diaspora, President of the Danish International Hamsa Sama Organization for the Development of Women and Children, and the Executive Director of the Danish International Platform, Hamsa Net. The central media of the organization, Dr. Fatima Abu Wasel Igbaria, who resides in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, has been appointed to a new position and a new recipe with an official authorization from the senior management of the Women's College for Postgraduate Studies in the Indian province of Kerala. This morning, she received a written book. The content of the book is that Dr. Ighbariya has been appointed as an advisor for the Arabic language for non-native speakers, as the book has been presented to the University’s Board of Trustees and signed by the Dean of the College, Mr. Dr. Official Kerala Hindi. It is worth noting that Mrs. Ighbariya held great positions, reaching the position of Palestinian Ambassador for Culture in the Diaspora, Secretary-General of a group of cultural and intellectual civil circles, and an advisor to a number of boards of trustees of Palestinian, Arab, regional and international universities. Igbaria Al-Assameya, who talks about her actions and field activities in various developmental, creative and intellectual fields. She translated the actions into established facts that are circulated by everyone through the employment of new media platforms in the service of sustainable development and providing a helping hand to all Arab and human societies. And belonging to her community and humanity as a whole. And she was not waiting for anything in return from anyone, except for the generosity of God, who said that God gave her people who know the amount of giving and devotion. Mr. Engineer Abdel Hafeez Agbaria, her family, and everyone who stood with her. She hoped that God would guide her to do what was good.


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