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Lina Shakhshir

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On Saturday 5/30/2022, Al-Sanabel Center for Studies and Popular Literature organized a celebration in cooperation with Al-Manara Forum for Culture and Creativity in which Dr. Lina Shakhshir was announced as Al-Sanabel Cultural Personality of the Year 2022.
The celebration, which was hosted by the Businessmen Forum in Nablus, was attended by colleagues of Dr. Lina and a group of intellectuals, educators, interested persons, and representatives of cultural and official activities in the city of Nablus. The speakers praised the good selection of the Sanabel Center for the cultural personality of the year. The cultural department used to place distinctive signs for people who have the motivation for cultural work, and Dr. Lina was one of the most active figures in this aspect.
As for Mr. Hamdallah Afana, Director of the Directorate of Culture, he said: "Dr. Lina is one of the activists in cultural work, and despite the difficulties she faced, she did not hesitate to work diligently and actively to activate the cultural arena."
In a speech by Professor Dirar Tuqan, Director of Cultural Centers in Nablus and General Director of the Municipal Library, he described Dr. Lina as “an active, distinguished initiative with creative performance, and I never found her to be lethargic, or afraid of failure.”
The writers of Palestine occupied in 1948 had a speech on this occasion. Haifawi lawyer Hassan Abbadi, a member of the Palestinian Writers Union - Carmel 48, spoke about the cooperation of the writers of Palestine inside with the Al-Manara Forum and its president, Dr. Lina, and held many activities regarding the writings of prisoners and the discussion of their books, praising Dr. Lina’s personality and keenness. To ensure communication between all Palestinians.
As a representative of the Al-Manara Forum for Culture and Creativity, writer Firas Haj Muhammad spoke about various aspects of Dr. Lina’s personality. They were brought together by university fellowship and joint cultural work. Together, they founded the Al-Manara Forum for Culture and Creativity, referring to Dr. Lina’s excellence academically, functionally, and administratively in her management of the forum, which was able to do a lot. One of the special activities in the city of Nablus.
Regarding the justifications for honoring Dr. Lina Al-Shakhshir, the cultural personality of Al-Sanabel for the year 2022, Dr. Idris Jaradat, head of the center, stated that Dr. Lina deserves this honor, because of her "great efforts in the fields of science, education and community activity, and her effective contribution to preserving and disseminating the Palestinian folklore, and her pioneering role in Cultural and institutional work. Then, the center presented a certificate of honor to Dr. Lina and the cloak of Palestinian heritage, and a hand-made piece of the Palestinian flag.
In conclusion, Dr. Lina Shakhshir, Al-Sanabil’s Cultural Personality for the Year 2022, expressed her happiness with this honor, which motivated her to work and increased her responsibility in Palestinian collective cultural work.
It is noteworthy that Dr. Lina Shakhshir was also recently chosen as a member of the Cultural Advisory Council in the city of Nablus. Dr. Lina holds a doctorate in Arabic literature from Cairo University, and works as a teacher of the Arabic language for the secondary level at Dhafer Al-Masry Secondary School for Girls. She works to connect the educational arena with intellectuals by hosting many creative people at the school and introducing the students to them and interviewing them, especially those writers who have received texts. In Palestinian courses.

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