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Nidal Dweikat

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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Dr. joined. Nidal Dweikat worked and taught at An-Najah National University directly after obtaining first place in his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at An-Najah National University in 2006 as a research and teaching assistant. He obtained a master’s degree in industrial and administrative engineering - specializing in quality management from the Technical University of Turin in Italy in 2008, then he returned and joined An-Najah National University as a teacher in the Industrial Engineering Department .

Dr. happened. Dwikat obtained a doctorate in industrial and administrative engineering - specializing in strategic operations management from the Royal University of Technology ( KTH ) in Stockholm, Sweden in 2016. He then rejoined work at An-Najah National University since then, and during his association with An-Najah National University, he worked He taught at both Luleå Technological University and the Royal University in Sweden, where he supervised many master’s theses in addition to teaching and research. Dr. also owns Dweikat has strong practical experience in the field of planning, development and quality, as he worked with many international and local institutions as a business development consultant and quality systems development consultant, such as: United Nations Industrial Development Organization ( UNIDO)), Federation of Palestinian Industries, PADICO Industrial Company, Palestine Plastics Company, Elite Management Consulting Company, Retaj Administrative Solutions Company, National Carton Company, Palestine Poultry Company, in addition to membership in the boards of directors of many public shareholding companies.


Description of tasks
Leading, monitoring and following up on the university’s institutional planning, evaluation and research processes, and working with all stakeholders at the university and outside it to conduct educational program reviews and evaluations and ensure that the results are used in the university’s development plans. As well as developing and publishing descriptive analytical data, especially those related to educational programs and their management, programmatic and institutional accreditation, the effectiveness of the university’s performance, evaluating its educational outcomes, self-evaluation of the university’s components and its various programs and projects, student enrollment rate, financial planning, and preparing the necessary reports for that . ‎
Task description
Cooperating with the university president and all stakeholders to develop and implement an annual agenda for existing and emerging institutional research and related evaluative activities . ‎
Organizing strategic work priorities, monitoring their implementation plans and progress, reviewing their outputs, and ensuring the periodicity of reports issued regarding them . ‎
Implementing a periodic survey of the university’s various activities to support strategic planning processes, and ensuring that the university’s plans are compatible with the allocated budgets and periodic evaluation processes . ‎
Ensuring the integrity and comprehensiveness of the university’s strategic plans . ‎
Permanent and continuous communication with deans of colleges, academic departments, and administrative units to review and evaluate their programs with high effectiveness and employ the results in improvement and development processes . ‎
Providing advice and consultation in the processes of analyzing and explaining academic results, student services and administrative data, and submitting its results to the university presidency for use in developing and improving the university’s performance . ‎
Supervising the processes of preparing studies/reports related to the university’s functioning, diagnosing existing needs/obstacles, explaining the desired goals and objectives of these studies, the method of studying them, the depth of the analysis processes and results, and preparing the necessary reports and submitting them to the university presidency . ‎
Supervising the process of preparing the statistical reports required by the university to relevant governmental, civil, or private entities . ‎
Create and employ research procedures, data collection protocols, and analysis models in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the university and its programs . ‎
Cooperating with relevant authorities in preparing procedures, executive models, references, and indicators that measure the effectiveness of planning to develop the university and its programs . ‎
Creating a database of vital information, old and new, and finding an appropriate mechanism that ensures easy access to it by beneficiaries, in cooperation with the Information Technology Center at the university . ‎
Study and monitor the variables in the surrounding environment (political, economic, and educational) and estimate their future repercussions on the effectiveness of the university’s performance, and how to deal with them and address their impact . ‎
Communicating with local universities for the purpose of coordinating efforts to serve Palestinian higher education . ‎
Representing the university in related issues and according to what the university president deems appropriate . ‎
Ensuring the confidentiality of data and information, especially those related to individuals or the university . ‎
Other tasks assigned by the university president . ‎


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