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Muhammad Habib

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A young Palestinian doctor, with the help of a medical team consisting of three doctors, succeeded in performing a therapeutic catheterization procedure, considered the first of its kind in the world, for a patient from Gaza who was suffering from high blood pressure and a severe heart attack in the lower wall of the heart as a result of a sudden blockage in the right coronary artery.
The major problem that almost killed the patient was the discovery by the consultant and head of the catheterization department at Gaza European Hospital, Dr. Muhammad Habib, while performing the diagnostic catheterization procedure, that there was an 80% narrowing in the right coronary artery and a severe tear in the trunk of the left coronary artery, starting from the aorta to the middle of the artery. Left coronary artery, which led to the left artery suddenly closing completely.
According to the doctor, this condition is very rare and occurs in one patient out of a thousand patients for whom a diagnostic catheterization is performed worldwide, and it is considered one of the most important causes of death during the diagnostic catheterization process.
In light of this type of case requiring a very rapid open-heart operation, and the impossibility of achieving this due to the difficulty of transporting the patient as a result of the closure of the crossings and the siege, the doctor and his accompanying staff have no choice but to continue performing the therapeutic catheterization procedure quickly, otherwise the patient will die.
Artery repair
The treating doctor and the team accompanying him moved very quickly after the heart of the patient, who was 42 years old, stopped during the catheterization process and was restarted by electric shocks, and they began work.
After several failed attempts, they were able to insert a thin wire into the duct of the torn left artery and were able to cross the rupture area and succeeded in installing the first metal mesh inside it at the beginning of the artery’s mouth. Then they proceeded to install another metal mesh (stent) in the middle of the artery, and they succeeded in repairing the artery and opening it completely. .
Consultant doctor Muhammad Habib says that the operation took approximately two hours and was successful, and that the patient recovered 48 hours after the operation was performed, and that he is waiting for another catheterization operation at a later time to open the right artery.
Habib praised the role of the doctors - Alaa Naeem, Wael Hijazi, and Iyad Al-Saafin, all of whom hold a master’s degree in cardiology - and the nursing staff for their great efforts, which had a great impact following God’s will in saving the patient’s life.
He stated that among the most prominent difficulties that the team faced during the operation was the patient’s unstable position, as his heart stopped working, his shortness of breath, and his exposure to severe chest pains, in addition to the sword of time that was hanging over the team, because the patient was in constant need of blood flow. To the heart.

In turn, the director of the Gaza European Hospital, Abdul Latif Al-Hajj, considered that the success of this operation is an addition and a qualitative leap for diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization operations in Gaza in light of the applied blockade that prevents the entry of medical equipment and affects the medical capabilities in the Strip.

He added in a statement to Al Jazeera Net that the success of the human staff in Gaza's hospitals in performing several distinctive operations is evidence of the Palestinian doctor's ability to be creative if he has the necessary medical capabilities and tools.
It is noteworthy that Dr. Habib is 35 years old. He is a graduate of Istanbul University in Turkey and holds a doctorate in 2005. Since his graduation, he has presented 36 scientific research related to catheterization and heart disease, including research published in major international medical journals.


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