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Waleed Al-Banna

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The Palestinian doctor, Dr. Walid Mufid Al-Banna, grew up in Gaza City, and obtained his high school diploma with distinction (97%) from Khalil Al-Wazir School. Dr. Walid graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cologne, Germany, in 2009. He is a specialist in neurosurgery at the University Hospital in Aachen, Germany (Department of Neurosurgery and Spine) and now works as a medical consultant in this field.

Dr.. Walid Al-Banna
He won the title of Arab Inventor 2018 in the Stars of Science program after inventing high-precision smart glasses that analyze the retina and predict a stroke before it occurs.

Dr. proved. Walid, in his meticulous studies in the field of neurosurgery, demonstrated that performing a blood vessel analysis on the fundus of the eyes of patients suffering from a stroke can easily predict a stroke before it occurs.

His scientific research has been published in the largest scientific journals, and with this project he received the DGNI Award in 2017 as the best scientific research in Germany with distinction. Dr. Walid leads a high-resolution database of patients with brain hemorrhage (subarachnoid hemorrhage, SAH). He was able to gather scientific expertise from the University of Minnesota in the United States of America (Department of Neuroscience) and the University of California Davis (EyePod Laboratory) in the United States of America in recent years.

In 2019, Dr. Walid was honored to receive the title of Associate Professor at RWTH Aachen University, which has a reputation known for its scientific level worldwide.

Beyond Stars of Science

Walid's ambition continues to shine after his Stars of Science journey. His scientific research has been published in the most famous scientific journals. He was awarded the title of “Venia Legendi” at the Rheinische-Westfliche-Universität Hochchule Aachen, Germany, which is the highest academic examination in Europe and is equivalent to the title of “Associate Professor”. On a trip around the world to gain scientific experience, he traveled to the University of Minnesota (Department of Neuroscience), the University of California, Davis, and the EyePod Laboratory in the United States of America. All this newly acquired knowledge has been used to drive a high-resolution database of patients after brain hemorrhage and to improve the lives and well-being of stroke patients.


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