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Ismail Ward

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Professor Dr. Ismail Warrad holds a bachelor’s degree from An-Najah National University in chemistry, a specialty that has always been his first passion. Then he completed his studies at An-Najah as well, from which he obtained a master’s degree in physical chemistry.

His keenness to complete his educational career made him move to Germany, where he obtained a doctorate with honors in the specialty (metallic organ catalysts) from the University of Tübingen, which is considered one of the most important universities in the world. His excellence in his research opened the doors to the largest scientific research laboratories in Germany, where he worked for five years, including scholarship periods to teach in Greece and Switzerland.

His professional life was accompanied by a social life that intersected with it in one way or another. Professor Dr. Ismail Warad got married during his studies and had three children. At some point, he realized that his children’s lives would not be the same in a country with different customs and traditions. Then a shift occurred in his professional career when he accepted a job in Saudi Arabia, leaving Germany, where he leaves part of his dreams, his past, and his future.

In Saudi Arabia, Professor Dr. Warad worked for seven years, which included working at King Saud University, one of the most important Arab universities, where he completed his research activity and took further steps on the path to excellence, as he obtained the rank of professor early due to his distinguished research activity.

Longing for his homeland and his alma mater made him finally land at An-Najah National University. Since 2013, Professor Dr. Warad has been working as a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry at An-Najah National University. He is considered one of the most important researchers at his university and a well-known name on the international level.

He is considered one of the researchers who publishes the most research, not only at the local level, but also at the global level. In his professional career, he published more than 200 research papers, of which approximately 160 research papers were published in high-impact journals. His research mainly dealt with three topics: Research that talks about the preparation of catalysts. Industrial studies and the study of their activity, research on anti-cancer, and research on the preparation of metal complexes to study the stereostructure and theoretical calculations.

In addition to these achievements are other numbers that include the number of quotations taken from his published research. All of these numbers, if they indicate anything, indicate the abundance of research and the internationalism of the researcher.

Professor Dr. Ismail Warrad has achieved many achievements and awards and still aspires to others. The greatness of the achievement is estimated by its scientific importance. Among these achievements are:
In Germany, in 2002, he received the Graduiertenkollegs Award , which is presented to recipients of distinguished scholarships. In Germany, he also received the International Excellence Scholarship to complete his doctoral studies, which is considered one of the most difficult scholarships in the world, and he is still the only Arab to receive this scholarship. In Saudi Arabia, he received the Research Excellence Award four times.

As for Palestine and at An-Najah National University in particular, he received the title (Distinguished Professor), which is given to researchers who hold a professorship and have published distinguished research by certain standards. He also received the Award for Research Excellence and Abundance of Scientific Research twice.

Four doctoral students and 30 master’s students graduated under him, and he was an examiner for many graduate students locally and internationally.
Professor Dr. Warrad also deposited more than 140 organic and inorganic compounds at the Crystal Deposit Base at the University of Cambridge, depositing 12 compounds in 2016, in addition to his participation in many scientific conferences.

In 2015, Professor Dr. Warrad published a patent on the science of materials to prevent genetic diseases, which attracted a lot of global attention.



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