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Hikmat Hilal

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1953
  • Age: 70
  • Curriculum vitae :


Dr. Hikmat Hilal was born in Qalqilya in 1953. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with distinction from Birzeit University in 1977. He then went directly to the United Kingdom and obtained a Master’s degree in Petrochemical and Hydrocarbon Chemistry from the University of Manchester, which he followed with a Doctorate in Chemistry from the same university in 1980.
He held many positions at the university, the most important of which was Dean of Scientific Research for many years, during which Dr. Hikmat Hilal distinguished himself and has many research papers published in distinguished international scientific journals with high impact factors. He is a distinguished researcher and also supervises many master's and doctoral theses.
In 2016, Prof. Dr. Hikmat Hilal received a Doctorate in Science (D.Sc.) from the British University of Manchester. This academic degree is considered the first of its kind to be granted to a researcher at a Palestinian university, as no Palestinian university has ever announced before granting One of its members has such an academic degree, and the number of those who have obtained it from the Arab world is very limited
Professor Dr. Hilal obtained the scientific degree for a thesis titled (Improving the stability and efficiency of chemical and photoelectrochemical catalysts).
This advanced academic degree is awarded by British universities and Commonwealth universities in general in recognition of the quality, abundance and originality of the scientific production presented by the researcher under a specialized research title in a specific topic, based on a thesis that includes post-doctoral achievements in which the applicant explains the details of the distinguished achievements he has presented and compares them with What others have accomplished...



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