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Muayyad Abu Saa

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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The Office of Academic Affairs consists of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Office Director, and the Secretariat. The office's daily tasks usually include following up on the academic process and adhering to study plans through weekly follow-up with college deans and developing mechanisms to develop the academic process and faculty members.

The Academic Affairs Office is also responsible for developing and implementing student evaluation mechanisms on time, based on pre-determined study plans. The office is responsible for following up with the registration office to ensure that courses are offered based on students’ needs and working to facilitate the registration process for training courses. The Office of Academic Affairs also leads the process of preparing systematic and thoughtful policies for accepting students in different majors.

The Office of Academic Affairs at the Arab American University provides the necessary facilities to maintain an inclusive academic community committed to creating new knowledge and disseminating it for future generations.

the message: 
The Office of Academic Affairs holds the reins to ensure the implementation of the university's academic vision. To ensure this is achieved, the office:
Promoting and maintaining the highest values of the university with regard to education, research and service
Support and support of faculty members
Promote a respectful, fair and harmonious work environment, a family-friendly workplace
Support and coordinate matters relating to faculty and academics including recruitment, retention, promotion, and tenure.
Strengthening the university’s communication with the community and academic expansion

Reviewing and updating the academic status of the university through dealing with its partners at the local, regional and global levels
Implementing quality assurance in education
Reviewing and improving all existing educational curricula, in addition to creating new curricula.

Establishing a strong and capable academic infrastructure, including laboratories, centers, academic tools, etc.

Develop and improve educational tools using the best technological means.
Ensuring transparency and adherence to university laws and regulations.
Employing highly qualified academic staff.

Decentralization of academic work by giving the dean and department heads more powers consistent with established regulations.
Work on developing a strategic plan for the next five years.

Working with other Palestinian, regional and international institutions and universities through academic agreements that include academic exchange, research, and others.

Searching for ways to develop the capabilities of the academic staff by organizing training courses and workshops in various specializations.
Developing academic counseling for students in cooperation with the Admissions and Registration Department.

Developing the library by increasing the number of books and magazines and developing their quality using highly advanced technology.



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