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Mohammad Samreh

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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Mohammad M. Abu-Samreh Mohammad M Abu-Samreh is a Professor of Physics at the Arab American University-Palestine (AAUP). 0599-046-074 Mohammad M Abu-Samreh was born in Yatta-Hebron, 1958.Mohammad M Abu-Samreh joined in 1983 College of Science and Technology, Adu-Dis, East Jerusalem for two years. In that time He was looking for completing his PhD degree. In 1985, he got the AMIDEAST Scholarship, and joined The Arizona University as a PhD physics graduate student. Mohammad graduated in 1991 with a physics major. Mohammad Abu-Samreh has been one of the physics department instructors at Al-Quds University for almost 30 years. During this period, I taught almost all offered (undergraduate as well as graduate) Physics courses. Mohammad Abu-Samreh spent two years at The Palestine polytechnic University as a visitor Professor. Mohammad Abu-Samreh joined AAUP in 2013 as a physics instructor.

Fortran Computer Programing- Fortran 95 .

Achievements and Awards

February 18, 2014 Grant of 5000 JD for supporting the research entitled:” Electrical dependencies of ZnPa Thin films on thickness”.
July 1-August 28, 2006 DAAD Summer Scholarship Superconductivity Research Lab, Bayreuth University, Bayreuth, Germany.
September 2004 Center for Theoretical and Applied Physics (CTAPS) FelloYarmouk University, Irbid, Jordanw
September 2003 Center for Theoretical and Applied Physics (CTAPS) Fellow Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan
September 2002 Center for Theoretical and Applied Physics (CTAPS) Fellow Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan



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