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Khaled Ghaith

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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Khaled Ghaith was born in Jerusalem and completed his high school education there. He earned a diploma in Arabic language from Dar Al-Mu'allimeen, an agency of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Ramallah. He received his Bachelor's degree in Arabic language and literature from Bethlehem University. He later obtained a Master's degree in ancient literature from the University of Jerusalem and another Master's degree in ancient literature from Tel Aviv University. He completed his Ph.D. in modern Arabic literature at Tel Aviv University as well.
Additionally, Khaled holds diplomas in guidance and counseling from the UNESCO Institute in Amman and the Ministry of Education. He has also participated in numerous courses related to languages, linguistics, libraries, and psychology.
Khaled has written literary, critical, and research studies that have been published in various journals, including Al-Talae', Al-Hassad, Al-Nahar Al-Muqaddasiah, Al-Ilm Noor, and Al-Quds Tujannuna. He has also been involved in evaluating critical studies and participated in scientific conferences and critical discussions.
He has authored four books: "Al-Taquos Fi Al-Shi'r Al-Jahili" (Rituals in Pre-Islamic Poetry), "Luhat Thaqafiyah Fi Al-Fikr Wa Al-Lughah Wa Al-Adab" (Cultural Panels in Thought, Language, and Literature), a poetry collection titled "Hawar Al-Hajar" (Stone Dialogues), and a collection of short stories titled "Majmu'at Raqam 1987" (Collection Number 1987).
Khaled began his teaching career at the University of Jerusalem in 1998 and continues to teach various courses in the fields of language, literature, and criticism at the university to this day.



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