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Samer Radad

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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Dr. Samer Radad is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Urban Studies at Al-Quds University. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Geography and Urban Studies and has earned both Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Urban and Regional Planning. Dr. Radad's academic interests lie in the fields of urban studies, land-use planning, remote sensing applications, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in spatial planning. He has taught at various Palestinian universities for over fifteen years.

As a Principal Investigator (PI), Dr. Radad has led numerous research projects in areas such as strategic planning, urban development, higher education, urban agriculture, geopolitical and social studies. He has published numerous scientific research papers in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals and has participated as a keynote speaker in many international and local scientific conferences.

In his professional capacity, Dr. Radad has worked as a consultant and local/regional expert with various government, non-governmental, and international organizations on urban development, sustainability (SDGs), strategic planning, and research and development projects. Some of the organizations he has collaborated with include the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government, the Palestinian Presidential Office, the Palestinian Federation of Municipalities, GIZ, DAAD, and UN-Habitat.

Dr. Radad is known for his visionary mindset, logical and practical scientific approach to problem-solving, and his lifelong mission of passionately pursuing research and discovery for the purpose of learning and education. He aims to utilize his knowledge and expertise to maximize the positive impact of educational, research, and developmental activities in service of humanity and the planet.



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