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Netham Mahmoud Al-Ashqar

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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Professor: Nizam Mahmoud Abdul Hadi Al-Ashqar Department of Chemistry and Crisis and Disaster Management Program, College of Science, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine, WhatsApp number: +972598923808 Email: ORCID number: 0000-0002- 1029-2054) Personal website: Prof. Dr. Nizam Mahmoud Abdul Hadi Al-Ashqar (1966 AD), holds the degree of Professor in Chemistry and Management of Hazardous Materials at the Islamic University. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 1990 from the Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine, and a master’s degree from Al-Azhar University in Gaza, Palestine in 1999. He also obtained a doctorate degree in chemistry from Al-Aqsa University in Gaza, Palestine, within the joint program with Ain Shams University in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt, in 2002. He obtained the rank of Associate Professor in 2008 AD and then the rank of Professor Doctor in 2013 AD. He held several administrative positions at the Islamic University of Gaza, where he worked as Head of the Chemistry Department (2005-2006), then Deputy Dean of the College of Science for three years (2006-2009). He served as Dean of the College of Science for four years (2009-2013), then worked as Assistant to the Vice President of the University for Scientific Research and Graduate Studies for two years (2013-2015). He once again worked as Dean of the College of Science for two years (20015-2017 AD). He headed the Master’s program in Crisis and Disaster Management for seven years from 2016 to 2022 AD. He now works as Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. On the academic side, he teaches many chemistry courses (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate). On the research side, he has more than ninety peer-reviewed scientific papers published locally, regionally and internationally. He has research interests in several fields, including materials chemistry, environmental protection, hazardous materials management, and crisis management, and has participated in many scientific conferences and study days.


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