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Ali Odeh

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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- Dr. Ali Odeh is a Palestinian writer, novelist, and critic, born in the town of Beit Hanoun - northern Gaza, in 1946.
– Professor of Literature and Criticism at Al-Quds Open University - Gaza - Palestine.
– He holds a doctorate in literature and criticism.
He joined the Reserve Officers College in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1965, and after graduating, he worked as an officer in the Palestine Liberation Army until 1971.
He participated in a number of Arab literary and scientific conferences.
He wrote three collections of short stories, three plays, and three novels, in addition to ten works on literature and criticism.
He has published a large number of research and studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and a number of short stories and theatrical chapters have been published in various literary and cultural magazines.

– Rhythms on Alienation: Short Stories. 1981
– Landing at the intersection of wounds: short stories. 1983
– Spotlight on resistance culture: a study. 1984
- Narrative art according to Jabra Ibrahim Jabra: a study. 1st edition: 1984 / 2nd edition: 2003
- The Wise Men and the Drunkard: a play. 1st edition: 1985 - 2nd edition: 2003
- Time and place in the Palestinian novel: a study. 1st edition: 1990 / 2nd edition: 1997
- Excerpts from Al-Zahrawi’s biography: short stories. 1998
- The Crying of the Dear: A Novel - Part One. 2001
- The Crying of the Dear: A Novel - Part Two. 2002
- The Crying of the Dear: A Novel - Part Three. 2004
- Al-Shater Nater: a play. 2004
- The Crying of the Dear Trilogy: a novel. Shams Publishing and Media, 2009


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