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Nour El-Din Abu Al-Rub

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Dr. Nour El-Din Abu Al-Rub Returns To Assume The Presidency Of Al-Istiqlal University For The Second Time After 17 Years

Today, Saturday, a ceremony for handing over and receiving the presidency of the university took place at Al-Istiqlal University between the new president of the university, Prof. Dr. Nour El-Din Abu Al-Rub, and former President Prof. Dr. Saleh Abu Asbaa, in the presence of representatives, deans of colleges, and directors of centers, as Abu Al-Rub returns for the second time to assume the presidency of the university after 17 years.

Prof. Dr. expressed Abu Al-Rub expressed his happiness at assuming the presidency of this distinguished national and scientific edifice, and moving forward towards achieving more achievements, and completing the process of construction, work and development plans therein.

He added, “This comes in order to improve the overall performance of the job cadre, advance the educational level of the students, arm them with development thinking, and hone their skills within a clear vision and strategy and specific goals fueled by the spirit of cooperation and one team, while meeting the aspirations of the Palestinian people and the needs of the security sector, which constitutes the main backbone of state institutions.”

Abu Al-Rub also thanked Prof. Dr. Abu Osbaa for his efforts to serve the university and its prosperity, presenting him with an honorary shield in gratitude and appreciation for his achievements during his presidency, along with his wishes for success and progress in his next steps.

And through Prof. Dr. Abu Osba expressed his pride in working with a distinguished staff over the past years, in order to develop unique features and outcomes for the university as it is the supporting base of the security institution, through specific programs and specializations that keep pace with modern local and international trends, and create a qualified generation capable of serving the nation and citizens.

It is mentioned that A. Dr.. Nour El-Din Abu Al-Rub holds a doctorate in international finance. He worked as a lecturer at An-Najah National University from 1995 until 2003, during which he was assigned many administrative tasks, most notably the acting dean of the Faculty of Commerce. He also obtained the rank of associate professor during his work at An-Najah National University. He headed its workers union for two successive terms.

He assumed the position of President of Al-Istiqlal University and was its first president in the year 2006 and continued until the year 2009, in addition to his work as Dean of Student Affairs, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Vice President for Community Affairs at the Arab American University, where he obtained the rank of Professor Doctor during his work there, and has broad research interests. He participated in many international conferences and has dozens of scientific research published in international scientific journals.

Before moving to the new position, he was the President of Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie.


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