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Samar Abdo Bali

Sector : Academic Figures, Law

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In her quest to spread joy and happiness and alleviate daily burdens and pressures on citizens, Samar Abdo Bali moved from her legal profession to learning and teaching laughter yoga.

Samar, who began her life as a lawyer and legal researcher, at Birzeit University and other centers in the occupied city of Jerusalem, did not like to continue in this profession full of pressures, and decided to pursue another specialty that suits her personality, which is laughter yoga.

Samar says in a new episode of the “Shaghaf” program presented by Ahmed Ayyash on Watan FM Radio, sponsored by “Ooredoo”: I decided to change my profession to something that suits my cheerful, humorous personality, full of laughter and joy, so I decided to turn to laughter yoga and spread it among people.

She adds that laughter yoga means the ability to laugh at any time and for no reason, and it is based on scientific foundations.

She points out that, according to studies conducted, laughing daily replaces the need for exercising for half an hour a day.

How did Summer learn laughter yoga?

Samar says that laughter yoga began in India through a general doctor named Madan Kataria. He and his wife went out to a nearby park and started laughing. The people around them started laughing, and yoga spread throughout the world after that.

Samar adds that she contacted Kataria to travel to India to learn laughter yoga, but she encountered opposition from her family at first and canceled the idea of traveling, but she came back again and communicated with him and traveled there and learned laughter yoga, then she returned and began teaching it to people and spreading laughter and fun.

The therapeutic importance of laughter yoga

Samar confirms that laughter yoga relieves a person of tension and psychological pressure and helps him get oxygen into the lungs, but she warns against teaching it to people who have recently undergone operations or patients who have undergone open-heart surgery or suffer from hernias or a cough.

She explains that laughter yoga is also a form of treatment for people who suffer from mental illnesses such as depression and others, as it relieves them of part of the medication doses they take.

Samar hopes that the Ministry of Health will develop treatment programs that include laughter yoga to help people suffering from mental illnesses overcome their illness.

This yoga also helps push people who suffer from a specific fear, such as “phobia” of high places or dark or closed rooms, to reveal what they are suffering from, according to Samar.

She adds that laughter yoga is also important for school and university students, as it helps them relieve stress, especially during exams or during the morning queue.

She confirms that laughing daily moves 15 muscles in the mouth, 80 muscles in the body, and tightens the stomach muscles.

Regarding her work, she says that she offers courses in sports clubs in Jerusalem, but she sometimes finds difficulties because some people do not accept laughter yoga.


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