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Ramzi Shawahneh

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Palestinian researcher Dr. Ramzi Shawahneh, from the town of Silat al-Harithiya, west of Jenin, co-authored the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders, published by the international publishing house Springer.

Springer is one of the oldest and most famous publishing houses in the world, and publishes peer-reviewed scientific journals, in addition to books and encyclopedias in various scientific and literary fields.

The Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders published by Springer is considered the most famous in the world regarding these disorders. Its first edition was published in 2013, and since that date, work is underway to issue the second edition, which is scheduled to be published during the current year 2017.

This is the first participation for Palestine in this encyclopedia, as the name Palestine will be written in its second revised edition.

Dr. Shawahna, a faculty member at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah University, received an invitation to participate in writing this encyclopedia after publishing research on autism in the International Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

The second edition contains a detailed review of the history of autism spectrum disorders and a description of its various symptoms and related disorders.

It also presents the latest research findings in the field of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of infected people, and highlights the best clinical and non-clinical practices in dealing with infected people.

The chapter on Palestine will include a historical overview of autism in Palestine, the programs available for diagnosis, as well as the centers that provide care for them. It will also review issues related to the legal recognition of autism, and issues related to eligibility for support.

It also provides an overview of the currently active and prominent intervention programs in Palestine, treatment and diagnosis, the most important research programs in the field, ongoing training for health care providers and others, social attitudes related to people with autism, and media and social discussions about autism.

This encyclopedia is a valuable resource for academics, researchers, health sector workers, and decision-makers in the health and social fields around the world, as it provides a global reference in the field of autism.

This book uses the latest research and statistics to document the history and development of clinical and non-clinical practices regarding autism and related disorders.

The editing of this encyclopedia is supervised by Professor Fred Volkmar from Yale University, who specializes in autism spectrum disorders, and a team of assistant editors from several American universities.


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